Municipalities won’t get a veto on wind turbines: Ontario energy minister

imagesBy Laura Beaulne-Stuebing, iPolitics

A growing list of Ontario municipalities say they don’t want wind turbines in their communities, but the province’s energy minister isn’t about to give them a veto on new green energy projects.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli says it’s a very “active public policy issue” in Ontario, one that’s complicated and will take a longterm strategy to solve.

Speaking to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario(AMO) in Ottawa Tuesday, Chiarelli said, “We do not believe in an absolute veto for municipalities because there is a responsibility of the municipal sector, whether it’s landfill, whether it’s transmission lines, to participate in the obligation and responsibility to have an energy system that makes sense.”

The energy minister, along with twenty-one other provincial cabinet members, including the premier, took part in what was dubbed the ‘bear pit’ session of the three-day conference Tuesday afternoon. Read article

23 thoughts on “Municipalities won’t get a veto on wind turbines: Ontario energy minister

  1. Therefore, earlier in the year when the hapless Wynne stated that municipalities would have a say, she was being disingenuous and the citizens cannot believe anything she ever says. So, I guess she is a liar or does not know what is coming out of her mouth. The problem with Chiarelli is he claims that he has an “obligation and responsibility to have an energy system that makes sense.” However, that would require a new energy policy, because the current energy policy makes no sense. The only thing green in his green energy policy is the money being made by politicians in kickbacks and bribes.

  2. You really didn’t think the Fiberals were going to change their mind, did you????The only thing that MIGHT change things is another election…But, these airheads care not.. Their pensions are carved in stone !!

  3. What we need is a full-scale investigation into why these miscreants keep pushing this over-priced, inefficient, useless product on the people of Ontario. Too many government people and groups have money invested. Too many “gifts”, and back-room deals in this scam. Bribe people to harm the rural residents!! What disgusting idiot came up with that plan? Get these people in prison, where they belong!

  4. The Ontario energy file is being run by billionaries and mult-imillionaries who pull the strings behind the scenes.
    The MSM is owned and/or controlled by this same group of renewable energy proponents. So the general public will never be informed as to what the real situation is.
    The ENGOs will be put out in front now to sell this rubbish “green” energy scheme to the public.

  5. Clearly this government rates us as worthless citizens. I’m not worthless, are you? Are we there yet? Have we reached the magic number of victims yet? Have our electrical bills reached THE height yet? Has our countryside become ugly enough? Have we pleaded enough? When you reach that level of civil disobedience, call me. I will bring the feathers and you can bring the tar.

  6. Clearly someone who has no knowledge of Electrical Power Generation systems and Electrical Power Transmission lines is in a position to be the ultimate arbiter of “What makes sense.” — truly.

    The genius of the Liberal mind is unparalleled in our history.

    I think we should give the guy a medal.

    • This is not about generating electricity but is about generating huge amounts of cash for very wealthy well connected individuals so no engineering degrees are required.

  7. These idiots are just trying to prolong the Green Fraud as long as possible. They know full well their days in power have come to an end and they want to leave a legacy of full pockets of tax payers cash for their back room buddies for decades to come.
    In other words, their job to dismantle Ontario’s energy sector and price everyone out of their home is DONE!
    When the legal authorities finally get their ducks in a row to go after these “grifters” they will be long gone sunning themselves on the tax payers dime in some Third World Dictatorship where they will be coaching like minded Dictators!………………….or, teaching at Harvard the next gen of Goldman Sach’s traders!

    • Let’s hope – punishment fits the crime.

      ‘[excerpt] Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli has quietly approached the New Democrats and Progressive Conservatives about resurrecting Bill 75, first introduced last year.

      Aside from merging the Ontario Power Authority — under scrutiny in legislative hearings into the power plant scandal — with the Independent Electricity System Operator to save $25 million, critics say the bill would reduce public consultation on power system planning.

      Feelers from Chiarelli to the opposition parties went out “in the last month,” New Democrat energy critic Peter Tabuns told the Star.

      “He said, ‘We’re going forward with the bill, we’d like to know if you’ll support it,’” Tabuns recalled in an interview.

      “We don’t have big problems with the merger but we have real questions about public involvement and consultation being sidelined . . . it’s a direction that would lead to more gas plant failures,” he added.’

      ……….but, there’s more!
      Re: Smart Grid
      Buckle up – we are in the final stretch!
      ……and, let’s hope they crash short of the runway……………

      • Go to the Apply tab at the page top.
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      • Okay – let’s get it right
        #3. ….in 500 words
        Topic: Global Leadership
        Dramatic impact on the Ontario economy;
        and, then – ‘I quit’.

        Then, Harvard University decided to act.
        Drama – Hahahahahahahahaha………..

        That’s my side.

      • Submit application no later than March 1 of the preceeding academic year.

    • If you’re a starving lawyer – there’s hope for you too.

      Dalton McGuinty – Fellow
      Canada. A lawyer and politician, Mr. McGuinty served as premier of Ontario, Canada from 2003 to 2013. During that time he led his party, the Ontario Liberal Party, to three election victories. Mr. McGuinty’s government established education, health care, the environment and the economy as its priorities achieving real gains in each area. Student test scores are up 16%. Health care wait times have gone from Canada’s longest to the shortest. Ontario is closing its coal plants in the single largest greenhouse gas reduction initiative in North America. And, to make Ontario more competitive, the McGuinty government cut the marginal effective tax rate on new business investment in half and adopted a value added tax. Mr. McGuinty earned a bachelor of science degree from McMaster University and a law degree (LLB) from the University of Ottawa.

      • On health delays Fraser Institute agrees with him. That’s saying something…

        But, wait a minute…

        Specialist physicians surveyed across 12 specialties and 10 Canadian provinces report a total waiting time of 17.7 weeks between referral from a general practitioner and elective treatment in 2012.

        Patients in Ontario experience the shortest wait (14.9 weeks) followed by Quebec (16.6 weeks), and British Columbia (17.0 weeks).

        Patients wait longest for orthopaedic surgery (39.6 weeks) and wait least for medical oncology treatment (4.1 weeks).

        But 14.9 weeks vs 16.6 and 17 — sure — the fastest of an incredibly slow bunch. Dammned with faint praise. Whoop tee dooo!

        Closing the coal plants? Yes — been doing it for years — shows how good we are…

        A pass BA in Biology — master of energy usage as Premier– now there yah go, There’s science for yah! Geniuses — the lot of them!

      • Truly spectacular – in 1 week

        She completed a one-week course in mediation training at Harvard University, a skill that promised to be critical in her role as leader of a minority government. Like many others, she built her political career on early community activism, notably founding membership in Citizens for Local Democracy (1998), and the Metro [Toronto] Parent Network (1996).

        Just for laughs!
        ……never mind – Ontario is bankrupt.

      • Is this also measure of the level of U.S. influence in “green” energy affairs in Ontario?
        How many strings were pulled to accomplish this deed?

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