County demanding burial of entire 230kv line: DWP

transmission lineWes Kellar, the Citizen
Whether or not Dufferin Wind Power (DWP) gains a negotiated easement for its 230kv power line along the county-owned rail corridor depends on whether the line must be buried, according to a communication from DWP. However, DWP is insistent that portions of the line be overhead, and has indicated that it will not negotiate with the county unless it is to be built in accordance with plans approved in its “leave to construct” from the Ontario Energy Board ( OEB).

Failing negotiations, there is an application to expropriate the required easement. There is an inconsistency between the County of Dufferin minutes and the position outlined by DWP. According to the minutes of the county’s in camera meeting on the transmission line’s easement, it was “Moved by Councillor Taylor, seconded by Councillor Mills, that staff be directed to continue negotiations with Dufferin Wind Power Inc. for an easement agreement with Dufferin Wind Power for a transmission line. –Carried.”

But, according to an emailed comment by Connie Roberts of DWP. “On the matter of negotiations for an easement agreement with the county: Dufferin Wind Power was informed on August 15th that Dufferin County Council will not negotiate the proposed power line easement unless Dufferin Wind agrees to install the line underground the entire length of the line. “County Council also directed County Staff to discontinue negotiations and to not speak further with Dufferin Wind on this matter unless the Company agreed to its demand. Read article

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