Tax losses from wind turbine project already starting to add up

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NEMI has turned its back on a great potential tax base and a lifeline for the community: retiring Baby Boomers. We retired and moved to the Strawberry Channel in December 2011. Almost a year later, we found that 24 Northland Power Wind Turbines (the largest in Ontario: 422 feet high) will be built in our backyard. Had I known, I would not have looked at this area as a place to purchase our dream retirement home. Our retiring friends have now decided to look instead to Lake Nipissing. Another couple will settle in Parry Sound rather than live near wind turbines.

We are all retired from industrial areas like Espanola and Sudbury and our objective is to get away from industrial messes. I have been told that Northland Power will contribute a paltry $10,000/year to the tax base and possibly three long-term jobs. Our property taxes for 2013 are $4104.26. We don’t have sewer or water or garbage pickup. We plow our own road. We have good retirement incomes, with good benefits and we spend all of it here. The loss of our two friends is greater than Northland Power’s contribution to the community.

Driving through Michigan, I was distressed to see town after town boarded up beneath wind turbines. I don’t know the answer, but I will pose this question: Were the wind turbines built there because the towns were dead or did the towns die because the wind turbines were built?

Diane Austen

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  1. Its happening here in Ontario. The turbines are forcing out the people because of a whole list of reason that we are all aware of. I don’t know of any real estate listings that state come live here and enjoy the flicker and sounds 24/ 7 of a 500 foot propeller outside your windows. That’s why people leave

  2. I don’t doubt there could be health issues, but I’ve always thought the destruction of property enjoyment was an equally strong argument. It’s bizarre the idiot government would think people were wiling to live near these monstrosities. Although one can imagine their cynicism: “if we blanket the province, the poor saps will have no other choice.”

    • Destruction of property enjoyment leads to major stress leads to serious health issues.

  3. Turbine projects will also limit the municipality in terms of further housing developments. Besides having to zone around the 550m setback, why should developers invest in new housing projects in the area if people won’t buy them? The municipality will have its future tax basis curtailed. Are those potential losses ever taken into consideration?

    • No! And the WATER BOYS are going to be sent out by QP to explain how benefiical IWTs are to rural communities.

  4. Baby Boomers who had moved to our community to enjoy the peace and tranquility, as well as the natural surroundings, are trying to sell their homes, and get out of our community, as fast as possible, to avoid the devastation of the wind projects that NRWC and IPC, are threatening to infest our neighbourhoods with. Perhaps motorcycle clubs, or steel factories would not mind the noise and devastation….jus’ sayin.

  5. Don’t kid yourselves, they’ll start to increase property tax rates.
    Or start charging more or increase fees for different things.
    Either way you’ll pay.

  6. Communities die, people die. Tragic. Crimnal. Low frequencies from industrial wind turbines are deadly.
    Google vibroacoustic disease and wind turbine syndrome.

    • The people in the photos understand that their properties are the biggest financial asset that they have and for many represent the work of their lifetime.

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  8. “”Driving through Michigan, I was distressed to see town after town boarded up beneath wind turbines. I don’t know the answer, but I will pose this question: Were the wind turbines built there because the towns were dead or did the towns die because the wind turbines were built?””

    Diane……….Please give me the area you where traveling through. I could answer more precisely.
    Although, I know this:

    The answer is the latter of the two. Turbines come, people get sick, leaving the area, lost individual home tax revenue, abandoning their homes, loss of school students, killing the businesses, loss of local jobs. Loss of previous tourist dollars in certain areas. I could go on.

  9. It’s a good bet that it’s the area north of I -69 and east of I- 75 in the Thumb area. But there are some other IWT pockets in Michigan.
    Only need to know the area she was in. Like along Lake Huron?

  10. Barbara, if it’s the thumb, it’s devastating. Traveling to the northern part of the thumb you drive thru many turbines. Soon, there will be more.
    The festivals these small towns have hosted for many years, I predict, will be gone within a couple of years. People who would normally drive to the Huron Lake beaches- campgrounds- yearly festivals- all tourist driven- no longer want to drive thru this area. Once you’ve driven through it, it becomes a lasting impression you only want to see once. Just north of me there are 68 turbines with several more just about ready to go up. Several homes have been sold, but yet they are empty. Several more homes are on the market right now.

    It’s just a simple answer,I suppose. The turbines come, everything else dies.

    The other pockets of turbines- Breckenridge (sp?) it’s about half way across the state east to west if you’re coming from the Port Huron area. A friend has family there, they know the effects this has caused on them, their health, and their animals is obvious to them now. They fell for the line that this would bring revenue. You can build a new school ! but it doesn’t matter if there’s nobody to attend that school. The only prosper in Breckenridge was the building for the turbine company. That does not help the locals what-so-ever. I was told only one job was gained from that project.

    Just south of Ludington, by lake Michigan the installation of turbines has netted a lawsuit in progress right now. These people can’t sleep at night and now have health issues.

    I’m sure this isn’t anything I’m saying that hasn’t been said before. Same story, same line of crap, same outcome, Death by turbines.

    • Conflict of interests didn’t bother the county and twp. boards now did it? Not sharp enough to deal with the big wind boys.
      Keep us informed. The big wind boys need to know that people from different areas are in contact over IWT issues.

      • Developers and/or their agents move into a rural area where it’s likely that landowners will be on the county and local boards and sign options and contracts with them.
        If these contracts also have revenue sharing with the landowners then this puts the landowners in business with the developer.Not just straight land leases for IWTs here.
        This combination along with gag orders puts these officials in direct conflict of interest and they should have recused themselves form voting on any IWT issues as they stood to benefit directly from these contracts.
        “Cute” way of getting IWTs installed where developers want them.

      • There are also people and companies who move into a rural area and sign options with landowners whch they later sell to IWT developers.All these IWT contracts contain gag orders.
        So there is more than one way this could have been accomplished in Michigan.Each project would have to be looked at to follow the sequents of events..

        Maybe the developers would not “pay-to-play” in Detroit? And solar panels would be stolen as fast as they were installed.

  11. I can show you a photo of the newest terror installations in Tuscola County. Is there a way I can post a photo here?

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