Voluntary compliance requested

C-K airportBy Bob Boughner, Chatham Daily News
It appears Transport Canada hasn’t issued an official order to GDF SUEZ Canada to remove eight turbines south of the Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport. The company recently contacted The Chatham Daily News to state it has not received an “order” from Transport Canada. According to the latest response to The Chatham Daily News from Transport Canada, the agency is requesting “voluntary compliance” with the regulations and will work with the company to set a practical deadline. No decision has been made on a date.

At the same time, the response reads: “Transport Canada requires the lowering or removal of the eight wind turbines that were constructed in the area protected under the Chatham Airport zoning regulations.” David Timm, GDF SUEZ Canada vice-president, told The Daily News on Wednesday: “We’re in discussions with Transport Canada on the matter and the other agencies that have jurisdiction over the issue.” He said those discussions will continue, adding he can’t get into the specifics of the discussions “because of the sensitivity of the issue.” Read article

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  1. Canada’s new constitution according to Steven Harper. “No company will ever be harmed because of the people’s rights”

    Transport Canada – Federal issue
    Our federal MP, VanKesteren won’t say squat about this. All of the work has to be done by our provincial MPP, Nicholls

    If anyone is looking for help from the federal government with any wind turbine issue forget it. And the outcome of the federal health study was already determined before it was ever started.

    • Maybe VanK intends to retire and not seek re-election? There are two billionaries with IWT interests in C-K and then there are the multi-millionaries.
      No one dares say anthing to them including those charged with air safety issues?

      • Harper did far worse than say it. He has been forcing all our representatives to vote for it for years.

        Issue below is for easier pipeline approvals. All the same oil companies that own wind turbines.

        Controversial changes to Fisheries Act guided by industry demands
        ‘changes to the Fisheries Act last year, but listened primarily to industry.’
        ‘the biggest setback to conservation law in more than 50 years.’
        ‘wording (for the Act) was offered by industry associations.’

      • Hey David Libby,
        Since you’ve studied the issue extensively,
        what’s your point?

      • David:

        Do you want him to listen to say… Sierra Club and Green Peace and organizations of the ilk? It would allow them to continue the good work they have begun on say … the energy file.

        Are you referring to those conservationists? The ones who would have IWT’s surrounding every rural home? Those ones? Do you want me to believe that they have credibility? Just askin’

        Maybe like me he is very tired of conservationists who would wreck the country to create a crisis to institute the Laws of The Conservationist Nutbars. Are you really serious?

      • Folks — remember the alternatives…. (On the Federal scene)

        We could have the Liberals Led By Justin “Pot Smoking” Trudeau — Leader of David “FrothAtheMountMcGuinty” who claimed that Canada should replace all its power generation with Wind Turbines. Dig out some old CPAC footage where you can see him in a right and proper rage that Ontario is not installing Wind Turbines fast enough… Wait for hime to be placed in the Environmental Portfolio — see how you like that!

        We could have Thomas “MadAsAHatter” Mulcair who would also cover the country with wind turbines and turn his power over to the NutBar conservationists as a matter of course. This is a guy who thinks Canada does not need fossil fuel power and that we can all drive Electric BugWarts!

        We could Elect The Green Party — who are the NutBar conservationists and Suzuki lovers — who would worship at the alters of Wind Power — and have Mass there every Sunday!!

        Or we could elect the Communis Party. They did fine in the Soviet Union — an unequaled Conservation Record… Everything was trashed. Kinda like the Ontario Liberals… hmmmmm…

        Or we could stick with the Conservatives — who maybe are not all that great — but have fewer complete loons at the helm — as do the other parties.

        Your Call folks!

  2. What other agencies that have jurisdiction over the issue?

    ‘[excerpt] David Timm, GDF SUEZ Canada vice-president, told The Daily News on Wednesday: “We’re in discussions with Transport Canada on the matter and the other agencies that have jurisdiction over the issue.”

    He said those discussions will continue, adding he can’t get into the specifics of the discussions “because of the sensitivity of the issue.”’

    Reading comprehension is important.
    ‘[excerpt] According to Transport Canada, eight wind turbines violate height limits on lands at the Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport, which are subject to the airport zoning regulations.

    “Transport Canada is enforcing the safety rules and requires the removal of the impeding wind turbines,” said agency spokeswoman Tina Morris, in a recent e-mail to The Daily News.

    She said federal airport zoning regulations at the airport protect a radius of approximately four kilometres around the airport. The AZR protect the operations of an airport and help ensure that development surrounding the airport remains compatible with the safe operation of aircraft and the airport itself. These regulations include obstacle height restrictions.

    Morris said that on two occasions prior to the installation of the wind turbines, Transport Canada advised the wind farm representatives that height restrictions are in effect in the area around the airport.

    “While Transport Canada is willing to work with the wind turbine company to set a practical deadline, the impeding turbines must be removed,” said Morris.’

    Again – reading comprehension is important.

    • Topic: due diligence
      ‘[excerpt] John Norton, the municipality’s director of legal services, said the placement of wind turbines is entirely regulated by the province “and the province has approved the project, subject to outstanding appeals.”

      He said municipalities no longer have jurisdiction or authority to determine the location or placement of wind turbines.

      “There is little we could have done to stop this project from going ahead, so, given our limited options, this is an excellent result achieved by the mayor and council,” he said.’

      GENIVAR – independent consultant hired to conduct the study?
      Chatham-Kent ‘sustainability plan’ – and that too?

      ‘[excerpt] An independent Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport study tabled Tuesday calls an agreement with a wind turbine developer a “tremendous success.”

      The agreement represents new standards in consultations between airports and wind turbine developers, according to James Lindsey, aviation consultant with GENIVAR, the independent consultant hired to conduct the study.

      Lindsey said the $2.5 million South Kent Wind L.P. is offering the municipality for upgrades at the airport is a “tremendous success for both Chatham-Kent and the airport.”’

      This is called success!
      Who’s kidding who?

      • I’ll have a ‘double scoop’ please:
        ‘[excerpt] The agreement represents new standards in consultations between airports and wind turbine developers, according to James Lindsey, aviation consultant with GENIVAR, the independent consultant hired to conduct the study.’

        Imagine that – ‘new standards’

      • Except C-K OWNS the airport and so could have OBJECTED to the turbine placing.

      • The rate payers of C-K are on the hook if an accident takes place at the airport that can in anyway be the fault of the offending turbines. C-K airport never objected to the turbines and continued to operate under these circumstances.
        Lawyers go after deep pockets and C-K has deep pockets.
        Why do the citizens of C-K put up with this situation anyway? Don’t they have sense enough to shut down the airport?

      • If the company that provides insurance coverage for the C-K airport was never informed of the TC safety issues this could void the insurace coverage for the airport.
        So the $1M dollars from an IWT developer for airport improvements could cost the C-K rate payers million of dollars in damages.
        Real smart people running C-K?

      • Which company provides the C-K insurance or is the airport self-insured by C-K?

      • Bribery is deemed as a success by the wind industry, when you are willing to take it, and shut the hell up!!! Sign on the dotted line, please.

      • Thank God it’s Friday!
        Just for laughs………..
        Who wants to go to –
        China or Vietnam – @ company expense?

        ‘[excerpt] Bang said his company is willing to train the welders for the work required, but one of the difficulties it has encountered is an apparent unwillingness of many prospective employees to travel abroad — at company expense — for training stints of eight weeks or more at CS Wind’s operations in China or Vietnam.

        “Most people don’t want to go — it’s very difficult,” said Bang. He said the starting wage for beginner welders needing training is $17 per hour, while those with two years experience can expect to earn $23 an hour.’

        Again – Thank God it’s Friday!

      • Genivar’s two largest investors are Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec which have 30% of the stock.
        Just go around and around with some of these companies

  3. Baby face David knew there would be problems, but profits come before safety with these liberals

  4. Brenda, funny you refer to David as “baby”. That’s what he is referred to in my home. He is nothing but a mindless puppet, easily flustered when caught off guard and having to respond without a script!
    David “suckie baby” Timm, “having talks with other agencies….sensitive issues” ha! I bet “talks” are nothing short of lies and bribes from this clown.
    I’m still waiting for a response to my “sensitive talk” with Baby and boss man “Paper Clip Crawley” in Clear Creek back in 2009.
    Maybe he’lll learn what sensitive is when someone gives him a well deserved kick in his little testicles.

  5. Has McGuinty contracted his land out in cottage country to big wind yet? At this point, plaster Ontario , Great Lakes, Toronto; legislate-no exemptions. Kill, destroy; “Ontarions must suffer and give for the betterment of the country.” True patriot love, hearts all a glow. Just get it over with already so we can get on the road to recovery.

    • GDF Suez Canada is a low- man on the totem pole of the GDF Suez corporate structure.Important decisions likely made above the Canada corporate level.


    ‘[excerpt] While Ms. Rotter denied that it was crack in the pipe, circumstantial evidence leaves little doubt whatever substance she was (ab)using was mind altering.

    Ms. Rotter was subsequently heard rambling incomprehensibly, stating:
    “The project will not cause serious harm to human health…We’ll show the project is in conformity….The process does conform to the fundamental right of justice…no one has been deprived of rights by the REA process.”

  7. It was just a gamble on GDF SUEZ Canada’s part. Here’s how that conservation went…….
    “I’ll see your Airport and raise you eight Turbines”
    Looks like the Province blindly folded as usual hence the current debacle

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