“The sound of birds has diminished significantly, they have gone”

CHATHAM-KENT, ONTARIO, INTERNAIONAL POWER GDF SUEZ from Lagoon Road 3I moved to the country to enjoy the quiet solitude and the sweet sounds of the wilderness. To escape the manmade structures and noise of the cities and towns. Never did I imagine, it would encroach on me. I used to sit every morning on my front step with my coffee and listen to the birds and other sounds of wildlife.

The quietness only that the country has to offer. I used this time to give thanks, re-charge, and have a personal conversation with my maker. It was a special time of my day. I no longer have that because of these windmills. The peace has been replaced with the unbelievable noise of 12 mammoth blades spinning. I sit there in the beauty of nature now with a sound that is peace shattering and has changed the one part of my day I looked forward to. The sound of birds has diminished significantly, they have gone. It is sad to watch helplessly, the end results of man and their never ending greed for money.”

Michelle Hyslop
(In Haldimand Samsung Wind Project)

8 thoughts on ““The sound of birds has diminished significantly, they have gone”

  1. Sad, but true glimpse into the reality of so many people, who are being punished for living in rural areas. The wind-pushers don’t care, as long as they are free to steal from us.

  2. Turbines are only one of many reasons that you aren’t hearing the birds. Have you noticed how much corn is being grown these days? Most of the seed is coated with neonicitinoids which seem to be the cause of the massive die off of bees. But it doesn’t stop there – it gets into the water and kills mayflies and dragonflies – then up the food chain to the birds, frogs, snakes, etc. And it’s in the water so we don’t know yet how it will affect our own health.
    In the good news category, the link below is a 14 year old girl being ‘interviewed’ by Kevin O’Leary and some other dipsh1t on CBC. They were so stupid, arrogant and condescending, and she took them down. The interviewers were so disgusting I had a hard time watching it. I was sitting here swearing at them – but she won on nearly every point.
    It’s really encouraging to see that there are people like this coming up. It’s really discouraging to see turkeys like these interviewers on CBC.
    You’ll have to scroll down a fair bit on to get to the video on the linked page below, but it’s worth watching. It’s labeled ‘5 ways a 14 year old crushed an arrogant interviewer’

  3. I too have noticed a change this summer. The eagle pair that landed during this season last year along the lakeshore on several occasions have disappeared from sight. I wonder what has become of them. I also wonder what will happen to the carp that enter from the Lake
    at the Blue Heron Trailer Park as the Hydro are digging under the water to bury a cable
    for the turbines (will it be a 34,500 volt line?) Will the stray voltage end the carps use of this waterway for spawning each spring. Like the eagles they will probably have the sense to leave
    Nature is disappearing on the Lake Erie shoreline……

  4. I am sorry this has happened to you. This is not right.
    Most important at this time is your physical health. You must do what is necessary to take care of yourself. If there is one thing I wish I could regain, it is my health.
    Low frequencies are very dangerous. These frequencies can penetrate your body and cause serious damage; to tissues, vision, hearing, bones. Physical and mental wellveinf diminishes. Damage can serious and permanent.
    Exposure to low frequencies can be considered a “silent killer”. The effects don’t hit you suddenly. A sensitivity builds up inside you. It is a sensitivity that becomes more severe and can lead to death. Heart problems, diabetes, cancer, mental illness, are illnesses I am aware of that seem to be common among those exposed to low frequencies. Many of my neighbors who continued to live among the turbines have passed from these illnesses.
    As hard as it is, at all cost, move away from the industrial wind turbines. Nothing is more important than your health.

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