1. I am so sorry to see all these TURDBINES anywhere ! …………S.T.O.P. Saugeen Shores…( Port Elgin)

    I have one within 550 metres of my beautiful 4 year old home ! I would like to use much more harsher words!

    • Did you know the turbines were planned when you built/bought or no one informed you of this?
      Information helps to sort out what happened in C-K and when and where.

  2. I certainly didn’t know that my neighbour has signed a lease to host 8 big ones beside my farm when at the same time I was sinking 300K into the restoration of our old farmhouse on 100 acres. I began fixing the place up after a tenant had run it into the ground. Then I realized it was a nice small house on a hill with a view of Georgian Bay . I decided that it was a perfect home to retire in. Here’s the kicker. This same neighbour ploughed the driveway for us for 3 years and yet never once mentioned that he was going to industrialize the whole area! My first reaction to hearing about the project was to run to my Township office and ask them if they lost my mailing address as I did not receive any notice of the proposal. That was before the Green Energy Act . I was told that the government has deemed rural land the perfect place for wind turbines. Then a friend told me we had to worry about peak oil so I shouldn’t complain. Oh Boy! When I think back at how much we had to learn to fight this travesty and fascism. The world is catching up on this boondoggle but for many it is too late and the damage is done. Now that I see how easily the public can buy into a false ideology I will never feel safe in Ontario again. Shocking.

    • What was the township officer’s explanation when you questioned about not having received notification?

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