ERT Panel Accepts Constitutional Challenge Filed by Melancthon Residents

ertWind Resistance of Melancthon
On July 19, 2013, the Appellant Mr. Sanford, ( served and filed a Notice of Constitutional Question (“Notice”). In a letter dated August 8, 2013, David Crocker, counsel for the Appellants other than Mr. Sanford (the “Other Appellants”), served and filed a notice that Ms. Kurtin (case 13-073) and Ms. Bovaird (case 13-070) have joined Mr. Sanford in advancing the constitutional issues set out in his Notice.

 On August 1, 2013, the Director brought a motion for an order striking the Appellant’s claim for constitutional relief.
[53]        The Tribunal dismisses the Director’s motion to strike the claim for constitutional relief.

What does this document mean?
The appellant, Dennis Sanford (case 13-075, who represents Wind Resistance of Melancthon) filed a constitutional challenge. Simply put, it means that the Renewable Energy Project,( in particular, Dufferin Wind Power’s Project,) violates constitutional rights of citizens.  Ms. Bovaird and Ms. Kurtin also filed for the same constitutional appeal. Read more

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