Wind turbine money is a deal with the devil

roseManitoulin Expositor
I hope a lot of people saw and read the letter in the September 4 issue and I hope it’s a wake up call for the First Nations leaders (Letter writers ask First Nations people…’ page 5).

I have been saying this for a long time that these windmills are nothing but bad news and I hope they will smarten up and find a way to stop building these windmills on Manitoulin but people disagree with me on this because they think they know better but now I am starting to know that I am right and people who have them close by are starting to get sick, I guess. The landowners who are letting them on property are doing it for the money and I hear First Nations leaders always talking about the Creator so I will ask a question: who do you really believe in, the Creator or the almighty dollar? I think I have my answer to that but do not get me wrong because I can tell just by your actions that you sold out your own people for the sake of a dollar.

Money is not going to be around forever and it’s like making a deal with the devil. Sorry to say but money is not everything, it’s about looking after the land properly and the wildlife and to leave it to its natural state because these windmills may turn Manitoulin into a wasteland, especially around the Little Current area. But as I said before, time will tell but I hope that I will be wrong this time but then again, I am usually right.

Ron Osawabine

6 thoughts on “Wind turbine money is a deal with the devil

  1. The wind turbine fiasco has divided the native community, just the same as it has in this, and every country around the world, where turbines are inflicted upon people.

  2. How true! Our FN leaders have sold their community members’ souls. It is despicable all for the almighty dollar.

  3. Six Nations Band Council has now become part owners of Samsung Pattern Wind & Solar Project in Haldimand. This is the project Men’s Fire Council Representatives appealed at Environmental Review Tribunal on behalf of the Onkwehonwe People. What has been bought and sold. You can’t eat money.

    • Before it starts, Please understand there are many groups,players and roles in a community. These dynamics exist in all groups in many forms. Focus on how the Renewable Power projects are creating community discord and are now “engaging” stakeholders with a token of the spoils from the thefts of the land. Money is the tool to entice cooperation. Every community is vulnerable to the sweet siren of engagement.

      What is your communities Price Point?
      Case in point: Haldimand County’s Vibrancy Fund is a bargain compared to the dollars flowing to the various governances of the Territories of the Haldimand Tract. Deals struck and being negotiated.

  4. Re; the McLean’s Mountain project.I understand there was a $500,000 signing bonus for each of the MMP First Nations partners.This signing also allowed the aboriginal loan guarantee to move forward at 3% interest on their 50% partner share of 90 million for their portion though I am not sure of the total amount borrowed. This aboriginal loan we were informed is guaranteed by the government should there be a default. Should the partnership not have signed then Northland was to lend the funding for their MMP partners at 14% for the first few years then 18% for the latter. Apparently the senior lender for this project is Manulife I am told.

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