Family changes direction on wind turbine

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So much fear and stress racked the neighbours of a proposed wind farm near Bethany that a family that was going to build a wind turbine on its property has scrapped the plan. Norm Lamothe is a son-in-law to the Winslow family. Developers have been planning to build a five-turbine wind farm on land near Devil’s Elbow Ski Area.

One of the five turbines would have been on the Winslows’ land. Two other property owners are also involved: two more turbines are proposed for land next to the Winslows’ and another two across the road. The deal might have been lucrative for the Winslows: Lamothe said rental of their one acre of land, for the one turbine, would have brought in $20,000 a year. But there were so many “impassioned pleas” among neighbours who have been fearful about the health implications of a wind farm, he said — not to mention the possibility of their property values plummeting – that the family decided it couldn’t go on with its plan.

“We are truly sorry that our actions have caused such fear and stress within the neighbourhood,” Lamothe told a crowd of about 45 wind farm opponents Monday. Opponents were gathered outside the Cavan Monaghan Township municipal building, in Millbrook, to hear the public announcement. “In light of these concerns, we as a family have decided that we will not be erecting a wind turbine on our property, at this time.” “Oh thank you!” one woman screamed, as people hugged and punched the air. Read article

4 thoughts on “Family changes direction on wind turbine

  1. Thank you Winslows/Lamothes for remembering “love thy neighbour”!!! I bet it feels good to leave the dark side.

  2. Great that a turbine is not going on
    their property. What’s unusual is that
    once you lease out your land, the choice
    of whether or not a turbine is sited on your
    property would not be yours.

    • Hope I’m wrong here, but …

      When MK exercises their right, as per the lease, to put up the turbine on Winslow’s property, the Winslows will get to wear the white hat and still collect the money while MK gets to wear the black hat and take the flack.

      … and what does “at this time” mean? Maybe later when the stakes are raised?

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