Wellington North council declares township ‘not a willing host’ for turbines

notawillinghostby Kris Svela, Wellington Advertiser
WELLINGTON NORTH – This township has joined a growing list of communities across Ontario that have passed resolutions opposing wind turbine development within their boundaries.

Council on Monday approved a resolution declaring the township “not a willing host.” It also approved three similar resolutions submitted for support from three other communities, including Minto. Wind turbine opponents, who packed the council chambers, applauded the decision.

Since 2010 the township’s economic development committee has been in talks with a company interested in establishing a turbine project split 50-50 between Wellington North and neighbouring Southgate Township. Renewable Energy Systems Canada Inc. (RES) has been looking at the project and has met several times with the committee with plans to erect turbines in the Conn area of Wellington North.

At the Sept. 9 council meeting, the township’s business economic development manager Dale Small made a pitch to council not to pass the resolution. Small noted the recent announcement by the provincial government aimed at giving municipalities greater input into wind turbine developments failed to give municipal council’s the authority to halt projects. Read article

3 thoughts on “Wellington North council declares township ‘not a willing host’ for turbines

  1. Thank you Councillors for doing the right thing. I was not at the meeting but sent a number of articles regarding this issue to the Councillors and hope the information may have helped with their decision in a small way. I have to disagree with most of what the Economic Development officer had to say to justify a non-vote. I think his research on the subject has been very little and he has listened only to the facts from the Wind Companies but in my opinion one would hardly go to Tobacco Companies for truthful facts on the issues around smoking. Perhaps Mr. Small should look at what green energy has done to the UK, Germany, Spain etc. and already in Ontario and get the REAL facts.

  2. It’s a pretzel – moment
    You be the judge!

    ‘[excerpt] Mayor Ray Tout said he didn’t know what the outcome of a unwilling host resolution would be, but added it would “speak for our people.”’

    Economic Development Committee
    ‘[excerpt] The Chair of the Committee is Mayor RAYMOND TOUT and the Committee Members include Councillors SHERRY BURKE, MARK GOETZ, ANDY LENNOX AND DAN YAKE as well as DALE SMALL, Business Economic Manager and APRIL MARSHALL, Tourism, Marketing and Promotion Manager.

    ‘[excerpt] The Committee meets once a month in the Kenilworth Council Chambers on the third Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. For information, call the Township of Wellington North Municipal Office at (519) 848-3620 or toll free at 1-866-848-3620. To view the Economic Development Committee Mandate, click here.’

    Crazy in Ontario!

    • This is so good –
      they should get their own ‘reality show’.
      So now what?
      Business as usual??????

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