Middlesex County safeguarding taxpayers against extra costs

wind transmission linesLondon Free Press
Ontario municipalities have been fuming for years over the province yanking away control over where giant wind turbines can be built. But one Southwestern Ontario county is now claiming at least a partial victory, after a ground-breaking deal to put energy giants on the hook for their power lines and towering utility poles.

Under the Middlesex County deal, wind companies — not taxpayers — will be responsible for upkeep to their transmission networks along county highways, and any costs if all the hardware ever needs to be taken down. “I’m really confident that we have the best agreement in Ontario,” county lawyer Wayne Meagher said. “What we’re saying is, ‘If you’re going to put a whole lot of stuff on our property, you’re responsible for it.’ ”

In a province where municipalities complain they have almost no say in whether, when, where or how wind and solar projects take shape, the London-area county is calling its deal a victory. “I’m sure that it will be a landmark agreement across the province,” Middlesex chief administrative officer Bill Rayburn said. Meagher said he’s surveyed arrangements between other municipalities and energy giants, and none are as good as the Middlesex deal. Read article


3 thoughts on “Middlesex County safeguarding taxpayers against extra costs

  1. And in a related story, the civilian population in Syria has decided that since they can’t stop the violent onslaught from the Bashar regime, they have instead passed a bill stating that when thegovernment is done destroying their lives, they will have to pay the cost of cleaning up afterwards. Big F’n deal! Middlesex needs to do the proper thing and declare themselves ‘unwilling hosts’.

  2. “I’m sure it will be a landmark deal across the province.” You can bet Nextera hopes so!

    Sounds as though Mr. Rayburn might have shares in Big Wind. Talk about spin!!

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