West Elgin residents send clear message to municipal council at a jammed public meeting in West Lorne

West LorneBy Patrick Brennan, St. Thomas Times Journal
WEST LORNE – If it were up to the majority of 254 West Elgin residents who attended a public meeting this week, there wouldn’t be any wind turbines in their municipality. That was the dominant view expressed at the Elgin International Centre where residents jammed the large meeting hall to hear information about turbines and then offer their opinions.

West Elgin council hosted the meeting as it prepares to debate whether to be a willing or unwilling host for wind turbines. As residents heard, the municipality does have that option which may or may not constitute some deterrence for developers who are currently approaching landowners to offer them lease agreements so they can erect turbines, which average 80 metres in height. Residents heard from legal experts their municipality has few opportunities under Ontario’s Green Energy Act to regulate or outlaw turbines. Read article

5 thoughts on “West Elgin residents send clear message to municipal council at a jammed public meeting in West Lorne

  1. The ultimate responsibility for letting these parasites in to the community rests with the landowners that sign these leases !!!One of the things a community can do,, is make the lives of these landowners a living hell, if possible,, Without leases, no turbines !!Just sayin ‘

  2. The other thing you can do is tell landowners just how much “the company” gets vs how much they get. If landowners knew this, they might back out of their contracts. Remember to tell them that Wind companies will be long gone when Ontario kills subsidies in the coming years. No one wants to be cheated, not even a greedy and/or naive landowner.

  3. Hey, did anyone notice how fast the “comments” section closed!

    By the way, I just heard a CBC As It Happens piece about Popular Science closing their online comments section. Couldn’t take the “heat” about climate change and “renewable” energy, among other things, I guess…

  4. I have noticed that CBC news online has a new format for “comments” and that commenting is closed much sooner than it used to be, especially on certain subjects. Not even the “Left” wants an uprising that might threaten to diminish ill-got “Green” gains. Gotta put the lid on people taking back their power.

  5. Mr. Patrick Brennan,

    Where did you come up with the idea that the average height of wind turbines is 80 metres (262.47’)?

    Try 120 metres minimum (400 feet), with the average now at 150 metres (500 feet), and newer turbine models heading for 180 metres (600 feet).

    I hope this wasn’t some kind of attempt by yourself to misinform your readers re the impact of industrial size wind turbines on the residents of West Elgin.

    Yours truly,

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