ERT in Blenheim Update (Platinum Produce vs MOE & South Kent Wind)

ertDate: Oct 1
Time: 1:00pm
Place: Blenheim at St. Mary’s Hall
Testimony of the Michaud Family who live in the Kent Breeze project. 

Some good news:

  • Platinum Produce Corp has been allowed to continue on with this challenge even though it is not an individual with Charter Rights
  • Mr. Tim Verbeek has been allowed to testify on behalf of Platinum Produce’s 50 workers (most of whom are migrants from the Phillipines, Thailand)
  • after arguments about medical records, the Michaud family will be testifying
  • Nikki Horton was awesome with her testimony

Rescheduling of this weeks’ hearings is currently taking place, but still to come is the cross exam of Mr. Tim Verbeek, testimony of Roger Oliviera and Dr. Sarah Laurie. Then the MOE and South Kent Wind have witnesses to call.

PS… The MOE is trying to play some kind of semantics game….
claiming the original project was approved and its original appeal was denied, so how could the ammendment — which consists of moving a turbine farther from a receptor and derating a few more– ever not be approved.

3 thoughts on “ERT in Blenheim Update (Platinum Produce vs MOE & South Kent Wind)

  1. The hearing starts at 1 PM today (Tues Oct 1). Come and give some moral support to the Michauds if you can!

  2. Washington Times, Sept.30,2013
    “Driessen: A model for climate-change-fraud”

    Compare this to:
    The Globe And Mail, Oct2,2013
    “Climate deniers in their own universe”

    Since IWTs are being sold as a solution to climate change just try to get through to the MSM like the Globe with IWT issues?

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