Ripley Wind Turbine pictures from an airplane

Wind turbines near Ripley, Ontario, northeast of Kincardine2 Wind turbines near Ripley, Ontario, northeast of Kincardine1

19 thoughts on “Ripley Wind Turbine pictures from an airplane

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  2. Phil, do you or anyone else have a file on IWT flight problems that they would be willing to contribute to OWR?

  3. Looks to me like the majority of property owners are participants…and they get one, and only one turbine. I hope it’s worth it…suckers!

  4. It looks like an environmental nightmare. Shame on Wynne and her liberal co-conspirators for this boondoggle.

  5. We could use more areial photos of Ontario wind projects so that people can see how close IWTs are to woodlots and wetlands.
    No wonder the developers don’t want to disclose the exact locations of these monsters prior to installation.

  6. It isn’t just airplanes going up in flames…

    Video of a Tesla Model S on fire in Washington state is raising questions about what caused the electric car to go up in flames. The driver was able to get out of the car before the fire spread to engulf much of the front-end.

    The fire occurred in Kent, outside Seattle, after the Model S hit a large metal object in the middle of the road. In a written statement, Tesla confirmed the incident saying, “The car’s alert system signaled a problem and instructed the driver to pull over safely, which he did. No one was injured, and the sole occupant had sufficient time to exit the vehicle safely and call the authorities.”

    Scratch one more sparky car…

    • Lithium Ion batteries again. What a joke. Gasoline needs a spark to ignite. L-Ion batteries? They can ignite when punctured, or even spontaneously combust.

      Mine as well be driving around with nitro-glycerine under the hood. And to think, these are being used in airliners too. As you’re probably aware, the Dreamliner has had it’s share of mishaps. God help us.

  7. I read the C-K airport report noted above…

    There was a very interesting method used to prevent collisions with wind turbines in inclement weather…

    See if you can spot something interesting… It sure made my eyes open up a bit… It’s actually a non-solution solution — but everyone drank the Kool-Aid it seems — complete with the hemlock.

    Innovative to the core these folks! I’ll try to remember to dig out the passage later — maybe tomorrow…

  8. Read a glowing report on Tesla S couple of days ago and how its stock price has gone up.
    Buy on good news and sell on bad news.

  9. I have just been informed by a knowledgeable person in the neighbourhood that this is NOT the Ripley project which comprises approx 48 turbines, but the ENBRIDGE PROJECT with some 115 turbines, but also with abandoned homes and some 20 families with problems relating to turbine noise as well as electrical issues.

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