Ontario Wind Resistance has moved to Iceland – for Freedom of Speech

Yes, we did. OWR is now hosted in Iceland! Out of NextEra Energy’s  SLAPP suit-happy grasp…


From the new host 1984’s website:
“1984 will always do everything within its legal power to inform our customers of any inquiries from any authorities, lawyers or courts into the customer’s affairs that we may become aware of. It is essential that the jurisdiction that the company operates in is Iceland, where the IMMI legislation is forthcoming, making Iceland a haven for freedom of the press and freedom of expression in general. “

Welcome back, Freedom of Speech and Expression!! (and thank God for places like Iceland!). I’ve missed these pictures too much…

Nexterror Bullies Canada Inc



17 thoughts on “Ontario Wind Resistance has moved to Iceland – for Freedom of Speech

  1. I can’t help but think that The Evil Empire extends throughout the world. So, while I congratulate you on the move, all the time deploring the necessity for such, yet I don’t think there is any distance that can save you from the grasp of these greedy characters and their political partners. (How much money did you say Smitherman made on this GEA deal?)

    • WordPress blog….hosted in Iceland(-: You can do that, if you are determined. But first you have to move it to a WordPress.org site, and then transfer it all to another host.

  2. Well, it’s certainly pointing to an Iceland address.

    tracert ontario-wind-resistance.org
    12 149 ms 149 ms 148 ms www-evelyn.1984.is []

    Trace complete.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so pleased to see that you have moved to a “first world” host, rather than our “third world” dictators!

  4. Iceland worked to bring in legislation for its journalists — no journalist is forced to reveal his sources unlike the United States where authorities decide who is a “journalist’.

    We’ve been firebombed 3 times — my car, my salesman and my webmaster at Toronto Street News tabloid now in its 15th year. at .net because our .com site was hacked.


    I am a Fergus farmer besides.

  5. What a sad “statement” here in Canada! I wonder what our Veterans have to say about how badly this country has become. They went to war to protect Freedom and many gave their lives. Now we are nothing more than a corrupt Third World Dictatorship in the hands of FOOLS!

  6. Website still runs very slow.
    The picture “Vive La Resisatnce” often takes more than 10 minutes to upload/download and slows the whole website.

    • Is anybody else having this same problem? I’ve checked on many computers and asked others…they don’t seem to be experiencing it at all. E-mail me if you are having this same issue so I can get an idea if it is a widespread or a solitary problem. onwindresist@gmail.com

      • Some versions of Windows browser is slow.
        Google Crome browser works good. But may not allow comments. Good for working on the site.
        Mozilla is slow for viewing. But works great for working on Bluehost-Wordpress sites.

    • No problem with internet explorer loading the page but unable to post comments. Have to use chrome.

  7. pretty sad state of affairs when a foreign company comes into OUR province and we have to host this site out of country to speak the truth….OUR country is sold out to the all mighty dollar…what a great future we leave for our youth. sad times..

    • ‘[excerpt ….Our province…..’
      ‘[excerpt]….Our country…….’

      All in one breath?
      p.s. stay in touch!

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