Parker Gallant: Who really sets Ontario’s Energy Policies?

green_deal_scrEnergy Probe
(October 7, 2013) In Ontario it’s a well-known fact that the Green Energy and Green Economy Act (GEA) was developed because a small group of people convinced a past Energy Minister, George Smitherman, it was needed. That group, the Green Energy Act Alliance (GEAA), even claim they helped him write the Act!

Several Ministers later and things haven’t changed even though current Energy Minister, Bob Chiarelli has talked a lot about engaging communities, smaller municipalities and other stakeholders in revisions to the siting of gas, wind and solar generating plants. Minister Chiarelli has even invited input on revisions to the Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP). Despite the rhetoric however, it still appears that the time spent by all but the environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs) will fall on deaf ears.

The writing was on the wall from the first announcement by Minister Chiarelli on April 16, 2013, when he was the keynote speaker at the Ontario Power Conference, where he told all present that revisions to siting, the feed-in tariff (FIT) program and the LTEP would shortly occur and that Ontarians would have a chance to provide input. Since that announcement the renewable energy approvals (REAs) issued by the Ministry of the Environment have not stopped. All have been issued without the consultations that were promised by Minister Chiarelli back on that April day! Read article

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  1. GazetteXtra, Wisconsin, Oct.4,2010
    “Acciona Ends plans For Wind Farm In Magnolia”
    “lost in the shuffle of the sale was the Town permit for the Union net tower. the permit expired last fall, and Acciona failed to renew it. The town and company settled on a $6,000 fine for being out of compliance.”
    the key issue here is being out of compliance.
    Out of compliance for the Windsor Parkway as well?

    • Does anyone know where on can find the judges’ decision from the recent France ruling ordering 10 wind turbines be demolished, and for the company to pay compensation and fines?

      (Sorry for hijacking this thread.)

  2. Related article on Parker’s solar panels on school roofs.
    Better Farming, Jan. 16,2013
    “Solar panels potential hazard to firefighters”
    “ook said the ony safe wet stream they can use fighting solar panel fires is fog, which restricts reach. They are not allowed to use foam either.”
    Fire does not have to be in the panels themselves to pose a danger to firefighters.
    The Ontario Fire Marshal knows about solar panel fires issues according to this article in Better Farming.
    Anything that might cause a school fire has been banned from school buildings for years.
    There is plenty of online information on solar panel fire issues.

  3. Obviously very important info here, particularly from a “who’s connected” and $ standpoint.
    However, there is one key point that is still not getting enough public exposure, by any high-profile, highly-credible spokespersons anywhere: Wind Power in Ontario has done, and will do, essentially nothing for Ontario’s Air Quality and Environment, and in fact tends to push CO2 emissions higher. That is purely factual and easily demonstrated.
    The broader Public and the Electorate needs to know this.

    • You’re absolutely right Ron. We are missing making the point that more wind can only increase fossil content on Ontario’s grid as well as negatively impacting eclogical values.
      We had super low emissions this summer when wind production was flat across the province. That was thanks to more Bruce reactors coming on line and effective use of our hydro. More wind equals less nuclear, more spilled water, more natural gas and higher emissions.
      The CAA envisions a massive amount of wind in Ontario with a big transmission corridor between us and Quebec. Then they are pushing for thousands of gas CHP plants to try to balance loads. So it’s a plan based on daming major river systems, plastering high value ag . and natural areas with turbines, increased fracked natural gas use and massive amounts of new transmission lines to string it all together. It ain’t green.
      They also planned a trip to Germany this year. Germany has emissions 4 times Ontario’s and loves its coal, but they don’t care. They just share the anti-nuclear disease.

  4. An intense study of Ontario’s Provincial Policy Statement and grasping a firm understanding how these policies are determined, as well as who their primary decision-makers are, should give anyone an idea as to where the real power in Ontario lies.

    Whoever has planning authority holds the key to all. This principle applies to all sectors and every level of authority, IMO. Principle number 2: If you don’t own it, you shouldn’t be making the plans for it.

      • Hey Kathy Hamilton,

        File under love………..

        devices of the devil that people shouldn’t be allowed to use.

        Explanation–New Urbanist James Kunstler refers to the auto-centered world as “the evil empire.” Metro advocates such as Portland City Commissioner Charles Hales often talk of people having a “love affair with” or being “addicted to” their cars, as if use of the auto was somehow irrational. Planners just cannot believe that people use cars because for many purposes they are more efficient and more convenient than any other form of transportation.’

        In fact, David Suzuki –
        sent a message to Markham, Ontario suggesting –
        Portland, Oregon – a model to be followed.

        Look @ Markham now – Ugh!

        Portland Mayor Charlie Hales is known for his fondness of vacationing in August.

        p.s. You don’t want me to mention Kingston, Ontario – do you?


  5. Parker’s article makes it “official” that these are some of the waterboys for the renewable energy industry who have been identified prior to this time.
    None of those mentioned in his article has the money to make wind and solar possible in Ontario but instead do make a fine living pushing renewables for the financial benefit of billionaries and multi-millionaries.
    No amount of education or information supplied by rural Ontarians to the MPPs running the present government is going to change the energy polices outcome here. Only a change in government can/ could change energy policies.
    The general public is going to have to get fed up with all the waste and scandal that’s going on in Ontario. Keeping informing the public as to what is really going on at QP and in Ontario.

  6. One issue here is how much is OSEA going to be paid to “educate” Ontarians about how great renewable energy is?

    • Farmers are stewards of the land.
      Besides they needed the money,
      ….it will help them sleep @ night.

  7. One thing is for sure – Mr. Chiarelli – is coachable.

    ‘[excerpt] The unfortunate part of this whole ministerial exercise is that the ENGOs have set past policies for the Energy Ministry and appear to have the current energy minister firmly under their control.’

    Jack Gibbons coaching Bob Chiarelli – hahahahahahaha………….
    What’s wrong with that picture?

    I can’t help myself – hahahahahahaha………..

  8. How many times does the OFA have to come up before people wake up?
    Other farm organizations can represent farmers just as well as the OFA can.

  9. The Windsor Star, Oct.8,2013
    “Ruben indicated requiring independent inspections and testing of highways and bridge projects was the norm in Ontario until recent years when MTO began entering into different kinds of partnerships with private contractors that give them greater responsibility.”
    About 5 years of this kind of thing going on?
    This provides an opportunity for contractors to substitute inferior materials and workmanship but get paid top dollar for what should be top quality work.
    going on all over Ontario and another monumental government failure.

  10. Forbes, Sept.19,2013
    “How Europes’Econmy Is Being Devastated By Global Warming Orthodoxy”
    In 2012 renewable energy producers cashed in on as estimated Euro $20 billion for electricity with only a Euro $3 billion.
    As along as you can get almost 7 times what the market will bring for a product there will be plenty of people lined up to cash in on these schemes.
    You can supply all the information possible to obtain and it will make no difference to the present government. And this is what is driving the renewable energy schemes in Ontario.

  11. Should be Euro $20 billion but only worth Euro $3 billion on the market.
    This is what’s driving renewable energy schemes in Ontario.

  12. Toronto Star claims gas plant scandal was “bungling”…

    Believe it or not — that is whitewashing the scandal…

    Now that Ontario’s auditor general has put the true cost of the gas plant cancellations at an astounding $1.1 billion, Premier Kathleen Wynne will be hard-pressed to find a way out of this sorry political saga. And what a mess it is.
    The final tally is nearly double the $585 million figure that Wynne’s government previously accepted and light years more than former premier Dalton McGuinty’s original estimate of a paltry $40 million, a mere rounding error in the actual figure released by Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk on Tuesday.
    As the Star’s Richard Brennan and Robert Benzie report, the audit shows a trail of bungling that started with the Ontario Power Authority’s refusal to listen to local outrage in Oakville and Mississauga. And it was compounded by the inexplicable decision by McGuinty’s office to promise TransCanada Energy Ltd. full compensation for the cancelled Oakville plant. Instead of simply allowing the contract to expire, the government chose to “ignore protections in the contract that could have minimized the damages,” says Lysyk.

    The reporters do not state whether they were in the back seat of a car in a darkened parking lot when they were provided the story. But you have to wonder what took the so long to notice the seriousness…

    …and it was just “bungling’ — not malfeasance or nuttin’ else eh?

    [The commission of an act that is unequivocally illegal or completely wrongful.

    Malfeasance is a comprehensive term used in both civil and Criminal Law to describe any act that is wrongful. It is not a distinct crime or tort, but may be used generally to describe any act that is criminal or that is wrongful and gives rise to, or somehow contributes to, the injury of another person.

    Malfeasance is an affirmative act that is illegal or wrongful. In tort law it is distinct from misfeasance, which is an act that is not illegal but is improperly performed. It is also distinct from Nonfeasance, which is a failure to act that results in injury.]

    • Why would a premier make a promise like this?

      ‘[excerpt] And it was compounded by the inexplicable decision by McGuinty’s office to promise TransCanada Energy Ltd. full compensation for the cancelled Oakville plant. Instead of simply allowing the contract to expire, the government chose to “ignore protections in the contract that could have minimized the damages,” says Lysyk.’

      Did Mr. McGuinty get an envelope – like Jutta – has admitted to getting?

    • Northland Power –
      works best when excited; and, it’s dark.

      ‘[excerpt] But a new pumped storage proposal is under active deliberation around the eastern Ontario village of Marmora. The proposal comes from Northland Power for a stand-alone, 400-megawatt pumped storage facility at the abandoned Marmoraton Mine, on property owned by Aecon Construction. Project cost: Somewhere between $660-million and $700-million.

      The Marmora project was endorsed by local council members without public notice. With local people in the dark, Northland Power announced it was “very excited to have the support of the people of Marmora.”’

      Welcome to Ontario’s energy planning – with all its lies.

    • Per the FP: “”The political parties are jockeying for position. The Conservative MPP for the Marmora area, Todd Smith, has his party demanding “the Minister of Energy explain why his Ministry has delayed in arriving at a contract to produce power for the proposed Marmora Pumped Storage project.” Smith has just been promoted by party leader Tim Hudak.”””

      Q: Do the PCs want in on the pork or acting on principle?

  13. Maybe it’s the same people who set Environmental Policy…

    TORONTO – Legal protections put in place to protect the province’s wildlife, parks and Crown land are being stripped away, Ontario Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller’s says.
    In his annual report, Miller warns that a transformation underway at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources creates a “nightmare scenario” where management of important public assets like Crown lands could be outsourced to a third party.

    Maybe this is a job for NextEra. They could probably manage the Natural Resources of Ontario better than the Ministry of The Environment…

    Package them up — sell them by the pound — (er kilo) — why not?

  14. What I found on this morning. Hornung singing IWT’s praises…

    Emerging Provincial Policy Frameworks Will Define Future Wind Energy Opportunities Across Canada (Oct 10, 2013)

    Toronto, ONTARIO — Canada’s wind energy industry is well positioned to build on its rapid growth to date and strong prospects for the next few years as provincial governments in all of Canada’s major wind energy markets work to define the policy framework that will inform new electricity supply choices for the next decade. This was the consensus reached among participants on the Industry Leaders Panel at today’s plenary session – Wind Energy across Canada.

    While wind energy will see strong and steady growth through 2016 across Canada, the country’s four largest wind energy markets (BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec) all have long-term planning processes underway that will determine how future wind energy development unfolds after 2016.

    “There is little doubt that wind energy has become a significant and mainstream electricity source in all regions of Canada with another record year for installations expected in 2013“, said CanWEA president, Robert Hornung. “This does not mean, however, that our long-term future is guaranteed.”

    Given provincial targets and pipeline projects already contracted to be built, Canada will see an average of 1,500 MW of new wind energy projects commissioned annually over the next three years.

    Provincial governments across Canada are now engaged in processes to review future electricity demand and assess potential new supplies of electricity against some key criteria, including cost-effectiveness, environmental impact and economic benefits. By any objective measure, wind is well-positioned to meet all of these requirements. It is cost-competitive with almost any other generating technology, is one of the most environmentally sustainable sources of electricity available, and brings new jobs and investment to rural economies.

    • ‘[excerpt]…….said CanWEA president, Robert Hornung. “This does not mean, however, that our long-term future is guaranteed.”’

      Note: Mr. Wind still puts his pants on – one leg @ a time.
      Or, not? [imagining the alternative]

  15. More energy policy — regardless of what you call it.

    April 1, eco fees on tires soared. Tractor tires were particularly hard hit. The eco fee on small tractor tires went from $61-$188. The fee on John Deere combine tires went from $91 to a whopping $823.

    Hmm — what’s the eco fees on a wind turbine? What? Zero? Ummm no — actually $110 Billion for useless intermittent unneeded, unwanted power.

    Your Liberal Government — Working For you? Actually — Working you over

    Get your wallet out and assume the position!

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