Esther’s blast on the Environmental Review Tribunal


18 thoughts on “Esther’s blast on the Environmental Review Tribunal

  1. shocking & disgusting ; yet the GTA carries on oblivious to the suffering of others……………..what a mean spirited place Ontario has become !

    • October 11, 2013
      Tory’s Lawyer Justin Necpal (/mf)
      name-calling Victims of Industrial Wind Energy Facilities
      “part of a general policy to protect witnesses”:

      ‘[excerpt]… There is evidence that anti-wind groups have used the Internet and social media to criticize REA appeal participants, creating the potential for a threatening environment for wind developers and the governmental agencies that are involved in issuing approvals for wind energy projects. [In our ignorant view, this is different than the witch hunting of victims of industrial wind energy policies over the last many years at the hands of wind turbine industrialists, governments and jerks like me.] In one recent REA appeal, audio recordings of the hearing were made and photos of legal counsel were taken, and both were posted to the Internet. There are other examples of activities by wind opponents that give rise to personal security concerns for those participating in REA appeals on behalf of approval holders and the government.”

      Hello, Police Officers,
      I know you can read.
      When are you going to lock up these wind thugs?
      Let me help you
      write your report;
      it’s spelt:

      blah, blah, blah

  2. Somewhere along the way, without our consent, without debate without our even knowing, our democracy and freedom was auctioned off to the highest bidder. If we weren’t sure before…we sure know now.

  3. Hopefully, we will have a massive turnout for the protest on the 402 this weekend. It’d be great to see vehicles as far as the eye can see. Next time, it will be the streets of Toronto. They think they have an infrastructure/traffic problem now? Wait until hundreds of tractors and trucks descend upon them.

    • I believe that is what it will take to get people to pay attention. Why is it they only open their eyes when it is THEY who are inconvenienced???
      Of course a lot depends on Lamestream Media to cover the protest.

  4. Can’t wait to hear how Ezra Levant on Sun News responds to this very crooked, biased ERT hearing, and the control that the Ontario Liberal Government maintains over its citizens. I’m ashamed to be a resident of Ontario.

  5. The only way you are going to win is to gather every rural group together, [horse racing, those opposing burying nuclear waste, closing of jails, farm groups manufacturing jobs gone, high electric costs, high taxes and user fees and say to the 3 parties, we are going to raise money, and campaign against the liberals in numbers in the thousands across Ontario, our cities and especially Toronto.
    Wind turbines are hazardous – dangerous because of their producing infra sound.
    We want them shut down as any dangerous products and replaced with hydro electricity from our northern rivers which is cleaner, and one tenth the cost of wind turbines.
    Quebec makes 2 billion a year in sale to the USA from its James Bay developments. ALL OTHER PROVINCES USE THEIR NORTHERN RIVERS.
    We want turbines removed now or you will be gone in the next election Liberal Party Organize with other groups, write leters to every MP and riding association telling them you are going to educate the voters..

  6. All of these windweasels deserve to be imprisoned…..Each and everyone one of them has played a role in this scam. All monies should be confiscated as proceeds of crime, and they should have the book thrown at them. We need to make sure this never happens again.

  7. Such a well written Opening Statement! Right from the heart. It speaks the truth. How can any lawyer or tribunal official not be affected by Esther’s logic and reason. This should shame them!

  8. As I read Esthers statement, I cried for the freedoms we have lost. How can this be happening to honest, hardworking, good citizens of our province, of our Country….it is not just! Esther represents all of us, the average Ontario resident. It wasn’t just her family that got written off, it was all of OURS! It is criminal…I want to Thank Esther from the bottom of my heart for standing up for democracy, for all of us, our freedoms which until the GEA, we all took for granted….you never know how much you will miss something until it is gone, and Democracy is gone in Ontario…we love you Esther!

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  10. Can you seek support from the Human Rights Tribunal. I can’t believe there isn’t a law that would make their actions criminal ‘no reasons disclosed’ is supposed to be an acceptable. That would never stand in a court of law.

  11. These foul and deviate ‘players” in this anti-democratic process should all hang their heads in shame for what they have done!

    Every parent who financed the education of these lawyers who have assisted in this “character assassination of Esther” should be so ashamed of their offspring that they ban them from their lives and label them as we have, INHUMANE PARASITES!

    • It is only me…………………..

      “Why not face me, it’s only me, and the case I’ve brought forward? Why not just sit down and listen, if the reason is to make sure all information is heard so an informed decision can be made?”
      (Esther Wrightman, October 15, 2013).

      Esther Wrightman speaks for all of us who are not being heard.

      Around the world Human Rights and the democratic process are being overthrown by the very governments we have entrusted to protect our rights. They are trying to silence Esther Wrightman’s voice, Esther Wrightman’s right to be heard.

      Here in Falmouth Massachusetts, (U.S.A), the Second Annual Human Rights Conference will be held tomorrow, October 19, 2013. Esther Wrightman’s voice will be heard tomorrow.

      World wide, the “government” has turned its back on those who have been victimized by the industrial wind turbine agenda. It has turned its back on those who have health issues caused by the agenda, on those who have walked away from their homes because of the agenda, on those who have sought justice against the agenda, on those who have tried to stop the agenda, on the destruction of human and wildlife habitats, on the destruction of natural resources.

      Around the world the governments are trying to silence Esther Wrightman’s voice. Esther Wrightman must be heard, must be listened to. The industrial wind turbine agenda must be stopped.

      If governments listened to Esther Wrightman and heard the words, there would be immediate condemnation of the industrial wind turbine agenda.

      It is us and we ask, who and what is controlling the government(s)?


  12. Want to tell you, Esther, that you are such a hero. I don’t know how you have endured thus far. You have my total admiration. It’s a living David and Goliath story. So proud of your efforts.

  13. Wow, I can’t believe all the BS you’ve had to put up with. Proud of you Esther! You’re brave, smart and unwavering. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  14. And let us not forget the many men and women who have also fought the good fight in other ERT hearings, only to also find out that ERTs are NOT winnable.

  15. Yes Petra, some people have been dealing with serious health issues living a life of hell due to industrial wind turbines for quite a while. I believe the first turbine development was in the Shelborne area, followed by Port Burwell and Clear Creek; that was 7-8 years ago. It was a small group of anti wind people from these areas that were the grass roots of the Ontario Wind Concerns/Ontario Wind Resistance site. Blessings on all who are experiencing poor health and have left their homes because of the harmful low frequencies. May this soon come to an end.

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