Video recording ERT hearing puts NextEra in a “threatening environment”?

EstherCameraThis is the letter NextEra sent the ERT’s accessibility coordinator explaining why they felt video recording should be prohibited from a public hearing.

Full Letter From Tory’s (NextEra) to ERT Accessibility Coordinator

excerpt torys_Fotor

22 thoughts on “Video recording ERT hearing puts NextEra in a “threatening environment”?

  1. Threatening environment? Huh?

    Have you all noticed how frightened these developers always are of the general public?

    Terrified, melodramatic weasels.

    • I’d like to give NextTerror a “Threatening Environment” right “upside the head”!!

      The outrage, in all of rural Ontario, extends far beyond the destruction or withholding of evidence by the Liberal Party of Ontario in relation to the Gas Plant scandal. Esther’s ERT is the “crowning example” of this government taking away the one and only peaceful and orderly recourse available to the rural population to seek some sort of fair hearing!

      Other Tribunals sought to stifle opposition but not as successfully or thoroughly as THIS one! We, in Haldimand, had the demand for 10 years of medical records and/or the now infamous 176 Interrogatories from pre and post turbine witnesses all paid for by the Appellant. We had the Ostrander Point ERT that concluded that an endangered turtle’s habitat must be protected. Human Habitat?? Only if one could prove the assertion that humans are animals. I suggest that since the majority of us may not fall within the categories of vegetable or mineral (NextTerror personnel excepted) that making humans lower on the food chain than turtles may be an argument unworthy of pursuit! What are the proponents going to use as an argument in their challenge of the O.P. ruling? Claim that turtles are equal to humans and therefore not entitled to special consideration? Lawyers for the Proponent….. You’re welcome to use that argument. I’ll not charge you for legal advice!! You can take full credit for coming up with such a brilliant approach!

      Now this same government, providing us with ERTs, has encouraged civil disobedience by effectively cutting off the last avenue of appeal. Hence the blockade planned for the 402!! You asked for it! Now you’re getting it!! Maybe such actions WILL serve to weaken the credibility of all those opposed to this heavy-handed attack on our democratic rights. That’s a legitimate concern Therefore…… Any suggestions for alternatives that haven’t already been tried?? Think I’m bitter, bent, and twisted?? You betcha!!

      • ‘[excerpt]…We, in Haldimand, had the demand for 10 years of medical records and/or the now infamous 176 Interrogatories from pre and post turbine witnesses all paid for by the Appellant.”

        But you may not have noticed that the ERT Decision,
        Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County v. Director, Ministry of the Environment

        Appendix E – Sample Witness Information Form – Post Turbine
        represents only 25 questions were asked.

        But you may have noticed at
        Paragraph 56
        ‘[excerpt]…[56] In addition, the witnesses completed 175 responses to written interrogatory questions which were put to them pursuant to a consent agreement among the parties. The interrogatories were not entered into evidence but formed the basis for cross examination.’

        Make sense?

  2. Melodrama, indeed. Citing examples where someone’s personal security was threatened ‘should’ be required as proof. No doubt, it is not required. The wind dinks need to understand that when the peoples well being, lives and homes are threatened, that the people will want all of the public hearings to be a matter of public record – no matter what the wind dinks ‘think’ is appropriate. Man, you really want to talk about ‘threatened’? They have no idea. We could care less about their melodrama – and it was them that have made us feel that way.

  3. At the recent OP ERT wasn’t there a guy hired by the wind company to tape the hearings, make a transcript and post this transcript on the internet?

    • Barbara, do you mean this guy?


      Hello and welcome to my first blog.

      Here, in Prince Edward County, an appeal hearing before the Environmental Review Tribunal has begun. The purpose of the appeal is to prevent the installation of 9 wind turbines in the southern regions of PEC by wind energy developer Gilead Power (

      I am not going to go into an in-depth history of this project. The purpose of this blog is to provide an account of events for people who wish to follow the developments of the hearing, but cannot commit to the time necessary to attend the meetings.

      I am a supporter of the proposed wind energy project and other renewable energy developments in PEC. I have been an active member of the County Sustainability Group here in the County in the past and have recently been retained to work part time as Community Liaison Representative for wpd Canada (another wind energy developer active in the County). It is my intention to provide an unbiased account of the hearing without editorializing or adding weight to either side of the debate. I feel that for information to be of use then it must be as accurate as possible without adding personal opinion to the record.

      I am not a professional reporter. There will be errors and omissions in my reporting, so please seek corroboration from an authoritative source before making decisions based on the information that I provide.


      More here:

      • Are these notes still active? The links are there, but no text.
        If they are there, someone please *download* them for future reference.


  4. To be totally honest…..if you intended on telling lie, after lie, and abusing the system, and being a bully, would you want that recorded, to be used later as evidence? No, of course not. You would perceive that, as a “threat”. The windweasels, and their lawyers do not want evidence of what dirty underhanded tactics they use. Video-taping should be mandatory. If they are being honest, there should be nothing to hide.

  5. I would say also that wind criminals and lawyers should have to prove serious or irreversible harm to themselves in say a Health Review Tribunal before they pull the cameras from the non functional ERT hearings.

  6. The true reason for this false declaration of “fear” should be: “We don’t want anyone seeing how absolutely biased this so-called Tribunal is because if was exposed then the PUBLIC might find out how we have taken over the Government”.

    Of course this is a threat….a threat to their ongoing rip-off of public $$$$$$

  7. Yes this is it. Copies of this should be made.
    As I recall he used a phone line from the hearing room to do these recordings. Wonder who paid for that arrangement?
    Did Gilead object as thsi was done while the hearings were taking place and copies will show this is a fact.

  8. “Notes on the ERT notes”, Jason

    “Throughout this week (starting May 27th) and ossibly into the future. I will not be able to post the ERT notes on the day that the hearing occurs.”

    “I am making an audio recording of the ERT hearing. I will review the recording and produce my report as time allows. As I am relying a digital recording through a cellular phone. there is always the possibility that the recording method will fail while being unsupervised.”

    Read the rest at:

    While he was not at the ERT hearings then someone else had the cell phone to record with?
    Cellular phone have records that land lines don’t have

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        Harper & Brothers, New York
        Copyright 1958

  10. No. Not refering to wire fraud. Just plain old who paid for all this cell phone time? There were hours of testimony at the OP ERT.
    How far away from people will a cell phone pick up conversation plain enough to be recorded and transcribed?

  11. The Independent, Oct.14,2013
    “Terence Blacker: Don’t want a wind farm near you? Well, good luck stopping it”
    Enthusiasm for wind farms is propelled by financial rewards, not by idealism.

    these proceedures were already worked out in Europe in countries like the UK and adaped for use in Canada.
    It was already known how to stop the people from appealing against wind projects. Just apply this knowledge in Canada to stop the public from blocking IWT projects.

  12. Notes are still active. Click on each date and scroll down to the text.
    This whole file should be copied.

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