Wind turbine impact on children questioned

1297479809194_ORIGINALBy Galen Eagle, Peterborough Examiner
MILLBROOK – Mothers Against Wind Turbines added their voice to the opposition against a proposed wind farm in the Bethany-Cavan area. The group, formed by two mothers who have been waging fights against wind farm proposals in their own communities, spoke to a group of 25 people at the Cavan Monaghan Township municipal office Tuesday night.

Focused on the impact of wind turbines on children, the talk was part of a series of recent town hall meetings hosted by Deputy Mayor Scott McFadden and Coun. Tim Belch. Shellie Correia, who lives in the town of Wellandport in Niagara Region, has been fighting the construction of a mega wind turbine project in her backyard.

Despite an opposition campaign that included meetings with the leaders of all three provincial political parties, Correia is faced with the real possibility that a 600-foot turbine will be built 550 metres from her home, where she lives with her 12-year-old son Joey, a boy with sensory processing issues. Joey’s condition means he is sensitive to certain sounds that wouldn’t negatively affect other people. For example, Joey is extremely irritated by the sound of ripping Velcro. Read article

3 thoughts on “Wind turbine impact on children questioned

  1. The reporter got it wrong…..there were more than 2 mothers who started this group, but there were only 2 that made the trip to Cavan-Monaghan to make speeches. But the main body of the story, is accurate. At least we are getting coverage. Not so long ago…..this article would not likely have been printed. People all over Ontario are catching on.

  2. I second that. Many Many mothers, grandparents and parents have joined together to give their communities, families their children a voice in the battle against Wind Power adverse effects. It is always like the “telephone game” how the details of an interview are recorded. Be a critical thinker. As 1957chev has pointed out this story would have never been picked up just a short while ago.

  3. We are fighting the impact of IWT where I live but I also have grandchildren that go to Gainsborough School at Bismark. They will be surrounded at their home and school 24/7. I realize that it is understood that children with a sensory deficits will be effected but I believe all the children may be effected in some manor . Little to no science has been done and no child should be used as a Guinna pig. It is my understanding that Niagara school board is staying out of this issue.Their feet also must be held to the fire. We already know that children have been effected by the IWT that are up near their homes and or school.They do not have to have a disability. It is also important how this issue is handled with the children because some of the school children’s parents have signed for IWT and their children should not suffer criticism from other children because of it and I fear that will happen.

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