Why preserving the view in Canada is not just tilting at windmills

CHATHAM-KENT, ONTARIO, INTERNAIONAL POWER GDF SUEZ from across Rondeau Bay from Erieau 2Globe and Mail
In Prince Edward County, I always feel like I’m in a painting come to life.
Cheesy? Sure. But whether it’s the ethereal quality of light across the fields, the rustic shops and wineries or the sunset views over Lake Ontario, something in this bucolic little region about halfway between Toronto and Ottawa makes it easy to imagine myself daubed into a familiar pastoral landscape, one remembered from a million postcards, textbooks and magazines. It’s the same feeling, I suppose, that brings a steady flow of plaid-clad urban defectors here, looking to re-imagine themselves as one of the County’s local artisans.

Lately, though, turbines have been haunting the horizon. Last December, the Ontario government approved an application by Gilead Power Corporation to develop a “Wind Energy Park” at Ostrander Point, which would put nine turbines on the County’s south shore, not far from Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Residents balked, and a showdown ensued. Gilead pointed out the economic and environmental benefits of wind energy; locals pointed to potential effects on human health, disrupted bird migration routes and habitat loss. Read article

3 thoughts on “Why preserving the view in Canada is not just tilting at windmills

  1. ‘[excerpt] …But is it possible to find beauty in the wind farm’s function – a promise of clean, renewable energy? Susan Holtz is a retired Prince Edward County resident and former energy and environmental policy analyst for Nova Scotia. She acknowledges that a lot of the opposition to the turbines starts with the idea that they’re ugly. But she doesn’t agree: She admires the turbines’ form and efficiency. “I think they are a very elegant machine,” she says.’

    Obviously Susan Holtz hasn’t spent much time listening to industrial wind turbines.

    And she hasn’t had it elegantly explained to her by a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Engineering, nor one of Physics, that industrial wind turbines are very INEFFICIENT:

    the “swoosh, swoosh” as the blades slice through different ‘wind shears;’ the foils only ever catching the wind nicely at one point in the rotation; at all other angles facing resistance and creating disturbing low frequency sound, audible sound, infrasound…. And throw in the impact of the blade passing the tower….. all amounting to one hell of a tremendous waste of energy.

    Maybe Susan Holtz can get a grip. Or maybe not. Next, she’s likely to claim something else equally absurd, like, people who become sleep deprived by wind turbines are negligible, because she sleeps “better at night knowing the air we breathe is cleaner.”


  2. You’ve got to be kidding Susan. You attempt to paint a rosy picture of industrialized, trashed, rural Ontario. These machines are about as elegant as the sunsets over Lake Ontario which really, are non existent from Ostrander Point. Sunsets are non existent over Lake Ontario unless you are situated on the eastern side unless you are situated on the east end of the lake.
    The most serious, a very serious problem caused by wind turbines is negative health effects caused by infrasound, low frequencies. People have been driven from their homes, abandoned their homes, have become very sick. There have been many who have died because of illness caused by industrial wind turbines. Heart problems and diabetes are the major ones causing fatalities among those living close to industrial wind turbines. Google “vibroacoustic disease”…caused by exposure to low frequencies….same effects as those experienced by people living close to industrial wind turbine developments.

  3. Obviously Susan is a shill for the wind industry. Obviously she does not have to live within a wind turbine project. Obviously she is not looking a clusters of wind turbines but rather at the brochure from the wind company that shows only one wind turbine in the distance. How much are they paying you Susan? Have you studied the economics Susan? Are you aware that Germany has admitted that they have made an economic disaster by plastering their country with wind turbines?
    Do you know that Germany has built 26 new coal plants to back up their wind turbines? Do you know that Germany imports Coal from Poland, Gas from Russia and Nuclear power from France. Do you know that approximately 800 thousand people in Germany have had their power shut off because they can not afford to pay their bill? The UK is also reporting what they call fuel poverty. The elderly are dying because they can not afford to turn their heat on. Think again Susan, is this what you want for Ontario?
    In Ontario wind power to date adds a mere 3% to our grid and 87% of that 3% wind produces at nighttime when we do not need the power! Now we are going to pay wind power developers to not produce! That’s right, pay them to not produce power because we are in a surplus of electricity in Ontario. Manufacturers have fled Ontario to other provinces that offer cheaper rates. This is happening in Germany and the UK! Susan, how would you like to be industrialized in your bed? How would you like to lose the equity of your home that you worked all your life to secure? I urge you to think again. This is without a doubt the biggest scam of the century, world wide and the wind developers are having a field day, a wild west free for all at our expense.

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