Tell OPA “Don’t Extend DWP’s FIT Contract”

call to actionDufferin Wind Power has admitted that they will fail to meet the commissioning date of January 2014 for their proposed industrial wind farm. They require another extension to be granted from the OPA to their FIT contract.

We are circulating the letter below, requesting that those opposed to the construction of the Dufferin Wind Power wind farm send this letter to the OPA and request that DWP’s FIT contract NOT be granted an extension.

Please address your emails to both:
Adam Butterfield, IMBA, P. Eng and


Ontario Power Authority
Suite 1600
120 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON
M5H 1T1

Please accept this letter as my formal demand that the Ontario Power Authority not renew Dufferin Wind Power’s contract under Feed-In-Tariff Contract Number F-000661-WIN-130-601 for the following reasons:

  • Dufferin County Council has formally requested that the Ontario Government withdraw approval for the Dufferin Wind Power turbine project in Melancthon, Ontario
  •  Dufferin County Council is refusing to allow Dufferin Wind Power use of a former rail line for DWP’s 230kv transmission line
  • Dufferin County has called for a moratorium on all overhead power lines connected to wind farms
  •  Dufferin County Council has publicly stated that it will challenge Dufferin Wind Power’s expropriation of the county lands mentioned above.
  • The Mayor of Shelburne has formally requested that the Ontario Government withdraw approval of the Dufferin Wind Power turbine project in Melancthon, Ontario
  • The Mayor of Melancthon has publicly stated that the Ontario Government withdraw approval of the Dufferin Wind Power’s turbine project in Melancthon, Ontario
  • Melancthon Township Council has formally declared itself an ‘UNWILLING HOST’ for further turbine projects in Melancthon, Ontario
  • Hundreds of Dufferin County residents have signed a petition opposing this wind farm
  • Energy production in Ontario exceeds demand and additional wind turbine projects producing power is not required.
  •  Current wind turbine projects are being paid to NOT produce power
  • Despite claims that wind production is able to produce thousands of megawatts of electricity, typical production is a small fraction of name plate capacity and is therefore inefficient.

As evidenced above, the Dufferin Wind Power industrial wind farm is NOT WANTED.  We ask that the Ontario Power Authority deny any request by Dufferin Wind Power Inc. to renew their FIT contract.

6 thoughts on “Tell OPA “Don’t Extend DWP’s FIT Contract”

  1. There are a lot of projects where the TED* virus has infiltrated. Clearly the absence of taxpayer cash causes the disease to spread like wildfire. While the Wynne government rushes to mine massive infusions of taxpayer cash the disease continues to run rampant. We can only hope that the projects succumb before a cure can be mobilized.

    Just say NO to anti-TED drugs in your neighborhood

    * TED: Turbine Erectile Dysfunction

    • The above message was brought to you by:

      The Society for Complete Removal Everywhere of Wind Energy Mobsters (SCREWEM).

      Consider joining forces with your local chapter.

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