SP Armow Wind Offers to Buy Couples’ Home

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SP Armow Wind made two offers to purchase the property of an area couple who had appealed the government decision to give the 92 wind turbine project the go-ahead. The lawyer who represents them said today the purchase offers would only be good if the couple dropped their concerns, which would in turn cancel an environmental hearing beginning today in Kincardine.

The lawyer representing Ken and Sharon Kroeplin says the offers were made only after the notice of appeal was issued. Asha James of Falconers LLP in Toronto says news of the offer prompted six members of HALT to want to join the appeal as well. She says she doesn’t want to broaden the terms of the appeal, just have the names added to the notice of appeal.

Sarah V. Powell, representing Armow Wind, confirms the two offers were made but refused to say if the offer came with a clause that the couple would have to drop their appeal. The Environmental Review Tribunal began today in Kincardine.

7 thoughts on “SP Armow Wind Offers to Buy Couples’ Home

  1. Awfully funny…..I had a real estate agent call me two days ago, completely out of the blue, asking me if I was interested in selling my house, as he had some people that were interested in buying it. I said no, I am not even considering it, as I matter of fact, I am fighting the windweasels, with all my might, to be able to stay in my home. I love my home, and my community. It took me almost two years of searching, 12 years ago, to find the right place to raise my son. I explained in graphic detail, the fight I have been engaged in for close to 2 years, full time, to stop the wind weasels from destroying our community, and in fact, our entire province. He said, “some people like turbines”. I replied, “only the people who are in on the scam, and profiting by it. He had no argument there. He commented that the prices were not too bad right now, but once the turbines came, that would likely change. I explained that I was not going to panic, because lawyers who have heard the details of my case, were very excited about it, and I have only to choose the one I want , when I am ready. I explained that I had a letter from my son’s specialist, stating that the wind turbines would be very detrimental to him, especially with his sensory processing issues, and he also has ADHD. No judge can allow a company to knowingly harm a child. The “wind” was completely taken out of his sails by the end of our lengthy conversation. I also told him I was going to discuss my situation, this coming Wed. with Bob Chiarelli, and would confront every politician involved in this scam, till I settled this matter…….NO SALE!!!

    • The “some people” interested in buying your home were the wind company… they don’t want to have to face a lawsuit against you.

  2. It would have been interesting to know who the party was that wants to buy your property. You can lead an agent on without signing anything.

  3. I bet some agents and/or their “flipping” friends are trying to cash in. The “smart money” knows this scam is ending. It is just a question of when. Maybe they were trying to give a “low ball” offer, knowing that either turbines will be cancelled or they will be stopped soon. Or, maybe the agent thinks they can buy your house and try to get a settlement/buyout later. Very interesting.

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