Wynne: process in approving turbines was “not appropriate for communities”

the Peterborough Examiner
Outside the premier was met with boos, chants and placards. Inside she was met with warm handshakes, introductions and applause. Premier Kathleen Wynne met with boisterous wind farm protesters outside the Evinrude Centre Thursday night before heading inside for a private party to celebrate Peterborough MPP Jeff Leal’s 10-year milestone in provincial politics.

“I know that you have some concerns on wind turbines,” Wynne told the protesters who surrounded her outside the hockey arena. “I think you know that we are putting a new process in place. We acknowledge that there needs to be more community input and we are changing the process.” There were two groups of protesters present Thursday night. The wind farm protestors, about 100 in total, were by far the loudest, singing chants, blowing whistles and encouraging honks from passing motorists. About 30 No Casino Peterborough protesters also gathered outside.

Wynne, who showed up an hour late, was ushered through the back door of the arena, but immediately came outside alongside Leal to meet the protestors, who had been gathered there for about 1 ½ hours. Spokesman Paul Reid, with Manvers Wind Concerns, said the protesters wanted to get across a clear message. “We would like these wind farms situated two kilometres or more from people’s homes and we’d like to stop having them shoved down our throats without any say in the process,” he said before Wynne’s arrival. “Any time that the premier comes to rural Ontario, we want to send the message out loud and clear that if she’s ever looking to get a rural vote again, we need some help here.” Read article

22 thoughts on “Wynne: process in approving turbines was “not appropriate for communities”

    • A friend of mine was criticizing unelected premieres the other day. She was feeling down.

      She said, “that woman brings out such negativity. I can’t even stand the look of her face.

      “I don’t hate her. I just — feel so disrespected by her.”

      She said, “I find myself fantasizing about what she’d look like if someone took a baseball bat to her head.”

      Then, she asked me, “is that wrong?”

      I said, “well, I guess it depends whether you think
      it would make her look better, or worse?”

      LOL! What an ass!

  1. “We acknowledge that there needs to be more community input and we are changing the process.”
    Wynne and Chiarelli are either being totally insincere, or they are announcing an effective moratorium of new development, and I don’t buy that for a moment. With over 70 municipalities passing No Turbine resolutions, where in Ont would they find a willing host? Downtown Toronto?, also unlikely as Liberals would never dream of imposing wind plants in urban Ont.

    These two sooth sayers cannot have it both ways, massive petitions mean exactly that No Turbines! Are wind companies expected to rally there own forces and obtain pro petitions to show community support? That is even less likely to happen.

      • Really? I am curious, pony up Who wants them (besides the singlet teeny tiny toy versions like the Exhibition one)?

      • Suggest you name some of these. Notice that even Toronto became exercised when turbines were proposed for Scarborough Bluffs and Leslie Split. I suggest very few communities would not support an honest NO Turbine plebiscite, were one to be offered. There are no real benefits in jobs, offset developments, anything save for the leaseses and the wind companies Mindless green naivety tends to disappear, when large industrial development is proposed.

  2. If I had to bet, I would say there will be no new approvals. The government is just stalling, trying to get as many of the current projects through the gate as they can.

    • Everything in the pipeline of approvals has to go through. How many? Many. Same thing happens when an armistice is declared in an armed conflict: get as many licks in as possible before the whistle blows.

  3. What changes is she making? Is she getting rid of the ERT and the OMB? Agencies were created and then stacked with those who would get the job done.
    Wynne is just leading the people on.

  4. Lying Fiberals.
    Nothing has changed.
    People still being tortured in their homes and many more about to be subjected to turbine torture.

  5. Wasn’t appropriate for anything…

    In the wake of the financial crisis, the state of California has been something of a poster child for fiscal dysfunction, with years of budget deficits, service cuts and public-sector job losses.

    By some measures, though, the Canadian province of Ontario’s fiscal situation is worse than California’s, according to Moody’s Investors ServiceMCO -0.13%. The bond-rating firm noted in an Oct. 21 report that California’s debt burden, for example, about 50% of total revenues in 2012-13, while Ontario’s net direct and indirect debt was at roughly 226% of consolidated revenues at the end of March 2013.

    Lawmakers in California apparently feel they’re making progress; they’re getting their first pay raise in six years next month, and unlike previous increases, only a handful are turning down the larger paycheck.

    Ontario’s progress could be clearer Thursday, when the provincial government releases a fiscal and economic update.

    The province might find it difficult to hit its target of deficit of 11.7 billion Canadian dollars ($11.2 billion) for the 2013-14 fiscal year, some analysts say.

    Ontario reaffirmed that goal in August, but the global economic outlook has deteriorated and become less favorable for Ontario since then, economists at Laurentian Bank Securities said in a report Wednesday.

    Ontario’s goal of eliminating the deficit by the 2017-18 fiscal year remains achievable despite external conditions, Laurentian said.

    More turbines — that oughta fix the budget…

    Our debt is currently $288 BILLION.

  6. The Star, Sept.16,2013
    “OMB: Unelected And Unaccountable Fourth Branch Of Government”
    OMB decisions can only be appealed on QUESTIONS OF LAW, NOT POLICY.
    There is a difference between these two.

    The OMB dates back to 1906 when it was responsible for overseeing municipal public accounts and the then-growing railroad system.
    Then it was railroads and now it’s IWTs.

    • We know Premier Social Justice likes sex education for little children,
      but, the bigger question is – does she like tomatoes?

      Highly controversial – moral acts.

    • After swooning over al gore – earlier in the afternoon……..

      We’re different now! A secret surprise!

      ‘[excerpt] “I know that you have some concerns on wind turbines,” Wynne told the protesters who surrounded her outside the hockey arena. “I think you know that we are putting a new process in place. We acknowledge that there needs to be more community input and we are changing the process.”’

      But, I thought I heard Premier Social Justice say the words:
      ‘participatory democracy’
      I thought Hugo Chavez was dead.

      Please tell me – I shouldn’t think.

  7. Ottawa citizen, Apr.15, 2009
    “Watson calls for further changes at OMB”
    Has reference to the development of railroads in Ontario.
    People need references lest they be accused of making things up.
    The OMB issues were brought up to Chris Bentley back in the spring of 2009.

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  9. An artificial demand was NOT created to install the railroads systems like there has been for wind and solar energy.
    There was a natural public demand for the railroad systems.
    These are two different situations.

  10. An artificial demand was not created to install telephones and the telegraph lines. There was a natural market demand for these.

  11. There were expropriation issues associated with rail lines but there was no artificial demand created for the railroads themselves.
    Railroads opened up and expanded the markets for farm products. Railroads were welcomed by rural towns which was a natural market demand.

  12. I know it makes some people uncomfortable: it’s so horrific we don’t want to believe it could be true.

    But Ontarians (and others) are being raped.

    What do you think “Not Willing,” “non-consenting” means?

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