Energy lessons from Liberals absolute insult

ChiarelliJim Merriam, Toronto Sun
I’d hate to have Bob Chiarelli’s nerve in a tooth. Chiarelli is Ontario’s energy minister. This week he pretty much told residents of the province to quit their whining and figure out ways to reduce their own electricity use and therefore their power bills. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with each of us trying to cut costs through energy conservation.

But it is totally unfair that we have to wear mitts and a toque to watch Duck Dynasty while at least two of Chiarelli’s compatriots enjoy all the spoils of being members of the legislature at our expense.

Remember, the Liberals bought wins in a handful of ridings in the last election with $1.1 billion of our money by moving power plants out of Oakville and Mississauga where the residents didn’t care for them.

The minister essentially thumbed his nose at any concerns we might have about that and at consumers in general when he announced a new program called “Empowering Consumers Through Energy Literacy.” The subhead: “Province launches new interactive resource.” Read article

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  1. Smart Meter Data: Privacy and Cybersecurity
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    Ontario Smart Grid Forum
    Access to Consumer Data: A Vignette

  2. People really should look at the actual announcement…
    First the Promotion….…-literacy.html

    Quick Facts

    Ontario will release its Long-Term Energy Plan on Monday, December 2, 2013.
    Ontario families and businesses spend nearly $50 million per day on electricity.
    The government held consultations in 12 different communities to gather public feedback on energy issues in advance of the Long-Term Energy Plan. They also met with representatives of over 90 First Nation and Métis communities and organizations in 10 engagement sessions across Ontario.


    We’ve heard one consistent message from energy consumers, Ontarians and partners: improving public energy literacy is vital. It’s a message we’ve heard from others, including the Environmental Commissioner, the Auditor General and the recommendations of the Drummond Report. This web feature is a step forward to address this challenge.”

    Bob Chiarelli
    Minister of Energy

    • And of course….

      Here is the actual Web Site

      Welcome to emPOWERme, the Ministry of Energy’s new webpage designed to help consumers better understand how Ontario’s electricity system works. Check out the new videos, interactive learning tools, infographics and other material to learn more about how you can save energy, save money and how Ontario is building clean energy.

      As usual — keep your comments on point…

      If you must barf, clean up after yourself.

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  4. Cleantech Group
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  5. Hey Ontario –
    everyone deserves to know…….

    Bob’s racket: peep – peep – peep

    ‘[excerpt] Tom Adams ‏@tomadamsenergy 27 Nov

    @OntMinEnergy @Bob_Chiarelli Conservation saving us vast $$$, finally ON getting the Smart Grid we need, and Elvis is doing a new album.’

    ‘[excerpt] Ontario’s Energy ‏@OntMinEnergy 27 Nov

    Energy Minister @Bob_Chiarelli launches emPOWERme: the Ontario government’s new consumer-driven education website’

    ‘[excerpt] Empowering Consumers through Energy Literacy

    Today, Ontario launched emPOWERme, a new, interactive website to help energy consumers take charge of the power they use by better understanding the…’

    Hey Tom Adams – awesome tweet

    • Premier Social Justice and Al Gore –
      really into climate change ‘opportunities’;
      and, all depends on getting the politics right;
      and, should Ontario citizens be concerned?

      ‘[excerpt] Tuesday, November 9, 2010
      Gore Pocketed ~$18 Million from Now-Defunct Chicago Climate Exchange
      Although the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) collapsed and shut down this week, Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management LLP pocketed approximately $17.8 million on it’s 2.98% share of the exchange when it was sold to the publicly traded Intercontinental Exchange a mere 6 months ago. According to news reports, the brainchild of the exchange, academic Richard Sandor, founded the exchange with a foundation gift of $1.1 million, and pocketed $98.5 million for his 16.5% share of the CCX. This would place the value of Gore’s firm’s stake at almost $18 million. Note Gore is the founder, chairman, and largest shareholder in Generation Investment Management LLP. Barack Obama was on the Joyce Foundation Board when it provided the funding to establish the CCX. Maurice Strong, founding head of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), precursor to the IPCC, was a CCX board member.’

      Doesn’t Premier Social Justice – have an obligation – to say why?

      • How audacious!

        Only the free thinking would ask “Why?”

        Really, we have to ask
        Ms. Premier Unelected — “how come?”

  6. Theft of 200$ put you in one category, Over 2000$ a different category including jail time and a record. I think Capitol Punishment needs to be reintroduced into Ontario Law for the billion $ theft and possibly we can get rid of some politicians never to be seen again.

  7. Lord just read the sign behind him..clean, reliable..affordable energy!!??

    Just what the hell are they talking about?
    Id sure like to know!!

    Dirty, useless, harmful, and wasteful come to mind….

  8. Orange County Business Journal, Sept. 10,2012
    “Sail Capital Taps Former Toronto Mayor for Advisory”
    David Miller to 12 member advisory board.
    Sail Capital is one of the syndicate of investors in the Ontario Energy Technologies Fund which was set up in 2009.

    Clean Tech Group LLC Board includes:
    Nicholas Parker
    Maurice Strong
    George Ross, The Ontario Capital Growth Corp.
    Vicky Sharpe
    Walter Schindler, Sail Capital Partners founder and Managing Partner

  9. Capital E, LLC, Washington, D.C.
    Gregory Kats, Pres.
    F.Henry Habicht,II, Co-founder
    Joseph Romm, Principal
    Habicht is a Partner at Sail Capital Partners & Director at Cleantech Group.
    Ramm oversees the blog at Climate
    Ramm is only one person removed from a connection to Maurice Strong at Cleantech Group due to Habitch also being on the Cleantech Group Board.

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