LaSalle wind turbine project axed

ontario_cannot_afford_to_bet_its_future_on_windpower goWindsor Star
The Ministry of the Environment has rejected a plan to install two industrial wind turbines in rural LaSalle according to opponents of the project.

“(Our lawyer) informed us that (property owner Larry) Pajot would not be putting them up,” said Tim Parent, a member of Residents Against Industrial Wind Turbines. “I’m very happy … that it’s been rejected.”

“The reason I bought this place was because of the privacy and the views,” said a relieved Parent. The controversial wind turbine project was opposed by the group of LaSalle residents who collected over 400 signatures on a petition in opposition to the project. Parent and others also launched a $10-million lawsuit against wind company River Canard Energy Inc. and Pajot Farms Ltd., the landowner, through Toronto-based lawyer Eric Gillespie. Read article

2 thoughts on “LaSalle wind turbine project axed

  1. Host farmers have good reason to worry. The gravy train is leaving town, and the animosity from your community will stick around, indefinitely! Hindsight is 20/20…

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