Waubra Foundation: Explicit Warning Notice


3 thoughts on “Waubra Foundation: Explicit Warning Notice

  1. Geez, I feel the winds shifting and the fraud is showing its colour.
    Just like all the public puppeteers (servants)will be exposed sooner or later on all their frauds acting in good fraudulent dealings for big corporations and not for the fellow wo/man.
    How about private prosecution in a common law court,no pimp BAR lawyers allowed
    they never used the precautionary principal and this is all fraudulent allowing us to live like prisoners with torture,
    This is what I like to see jail time for the scum bags that participated in all this scam;

  2. Sure hope so non voter. If they don’t receive some form of punishment for their crimes, we will not be safe from them. they will feel that they can get away with murder!

    • Considering people have in fact died as a direct result of health probems caused by IWTs, one could say they have already commited murder 57. Damned close to it, definately worthy of many years imprisonment.

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