Wynne Liberals to jack hydro rates 42% over 5 years

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TORONTO – Ontario hydro bills are headed up, up, up. A new Long-Term Energy Plan shows that the average monthly residential bill of $125 will rise to $178 within five years a 42% hike.

Hydro bills are expected to dip slightly in 2019 to $177 a month, and then rise again until 2022 when they’ll hit $193 a month. A second decrease in prices is forecast for 2023-24 and then the trend for prices is onward and upward for the foreseeable future. A decision to defer or cancel new nuclear construction, coupled with a few other initiatives to contain costs, shaved $13 off what the monthly bill would have been in 2018 if the Ontario government had implemented its last Long-Term Energy Plan.

The new plan will save hydro ratepayers $3,800 between 2013-2030, the government says. Premier Kathleen Wynne signalled that she’ll consider income testing for the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit, which currently takes 10% off the top of all hydro bills, and that could decrease some people’s bills past 2015. Read article

One thought on “Wynne Liberals to jack hydro rates 42% over 5 years

  1. Silent Partner Tabuns: …serves up ‘shots’

    ‘[excerpt] NDP energy critic Peter Tabuns said he doesn’t expect much new from the plan because the Liberal government still wants to go ahead with refurbishing existing nuclear power.

    Ontario has blown an opportunity to invest heavily in conservation — the cheapest and most environmentally friendly option, he said.

    “If you’re going to have any shot at containing electricity prices, you’ve got to go there,” Tabuns said Friday.

    The NDP would reverse course on the privatization of the electricity system and move away from the dependence on nuclear generation.

    On wind power — a controversial issue in many parts of the province where projects were forced in over the objections of locals — Tabuns said he believes that more communities would accept turbines in their midst if they owned and benefited from them.

    “I thought the Liberals completely dropped the ball on that,” he said.’

    How to keep a Well-Functioning political system?
    You support each other!

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