CTV News: Price of electricity is going up


3 thoughts on “CTV News: Price of electricity is going up

  1. These Liberals are nothing but thieves, and they can do it without a gun. Stealing from the poor, to give to the rich. Prison time is in order, and I mean hard labour. Keep the heat as low as possible, and give ’em candles for light. Our families are suffering, so that they can make themselves “feel good”. Enough is enough. We have to boot these miscreants out, as soon as possible! Run, Kathleen Wynne…..just keep on going, and never look back!

  2. Between the taxes and energy costs, Ontario may soon become the least friendliest place to do business in North America. The loss of plants moving out of Ontario will soon be increasing at an alarming rate.

    • That’s the goal. All our elected traitors are just following the ideology of this man, for starters:

      “Frankly, we may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse.” – Maurice Strong


      What a disgusting creature!!!

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