Wind company will not participate in public meetings

chickenPatrick Brennan, The Chronicle
A company which is proposing to develop wind turbines in Dutton/Dunwich has told the municipality it does not want to be part of any more public meetings on the subject it says have the potential to develop into shouting matches. Instead, Inver Energy says it would rather continue discussions on potential future wind turbines projects through a series of stakeholder meetings.

That was part of the news Administrator Laurie Spence Bannerman delivered to council last week as part of an update on where the municipality is going with wind turbines. Dutton/Dunwich finds itself facing circumstances similar to other municipalities on this. Groups of landowners in Dutton/Dunwich have signed leases to allow Inver Energy to erect them, but residents have spoken out opposing them.

The province’s Green Energy Act does not give municipalities any power to not allow wind turbines. It can only regulate secondary issues such as access off local roads. Neighbouring West Elgin has followed the lead of other municipalities in adopting a resolution it is not a willing host for wind turbines. Read article

3 thoughts on “Wind company will not participate in public meetings

  1. Love the chicken, Esther. You always find such appropriate graphics to go with these stories.

  2. Who are the “stakeholders” if not the people who will be affected by the presence of these large and noisy industrial machines?

  3. Happy New Year Poll – believe it or not

    ‘[excerpt] Coun. Ian Fleck said council should be prepared to study the petitions it has received from residents to see how many signatures there are on them,

    Coun. Dan McKillop said he believed if Inver Energy knew another public meeting would be more controlled, it would probably want to be part of it.

    “We said we would do a poll, but it’s going to cost money and that has to be in the budget.”

    Inver Energy has told the municipality it does not consider the meetings to be productive.

    Staff has been asked to provide direction to council on how to conduct a poll in the new year.’

    Next time don’t elect wacko’s!

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