Mike Harris is responsible for everything bad that happens to Ontario’s energy minister

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According to Ontario’s energy minister, Bob Chiarelli, electricity rates will increase 42% over the next five years. And 54% over the next 10, and 68% over the next 20.

And guess whose fault it is?

Mike Harris.

Yes, the former Ontario premier, who left office almost 12 years ago, is responsible for the fact Ontario energy prices have escalated exponentially under the Liberal government, which has been in place for the past decade. Mr. Chiarelli made that clear Monday when he announced that power rates, which have doubled — and in some cases tripled — under the Liberals, will continue to rise inexorably for the forseeable future.

When the Liberals took office in 2003, he said, they discovered an “energy deficit” left behind by the Progressive Conservatives. “We had a lot of damage control to do, so we had to invest in the system,” he said.

Ontarians are familiar with that “investment.” It included the famous Green Energy Act, which has seen thousands of unpopular windmills slapped up in non-Liberal ridings, and which now produce a negligible two-tenths of one percent of Ontario’s power at highly inflated prices. The investment has been such that Ontario now produces much more power than it needs, and exports it at a hefty loss: $1.2 billion last year, according to publicly available figures. The government is so keen on investing that it planned to invest in two gas-fired power plants in Toronto suburbs, until it cancelled them at the last second at a cost of more than $1 billion to save some Liberal seats in an election. Read article

19 thoughts on “Mike Harris is responsible for everything bad that happens to Ontario’s energy minister

  1. Ironic, isn’t it, that if Mike Harris returned to lead the Ontario Conservatives, they’d probably get a majority in the next election. The Liberals with Wynne at their helm, are adept at playing Ontario urban voters as complete and utter fools. If the shoe fits…

  2. Libs, cons, greens, NDPs – it’s like four variations on Good cop/Bad cop. The one in power, of course, is always the bad cop. The opposition is always good cop – “Tell me your problems and vote for me and I’ll fix everything!” So how come nothing ever gets fixed? Why does it always go from bad to worse?
    And why is it that, even thought he opposition has been complaining all along, when they do get into power – “My goodness – we had no idea they had created such a mess. Oh dear – I guess we can’t fulfill our promises after all – but it’s not OUR fault…”

    When was the last time that changing parties made any difference.
    In the last US election I saw a sign that said, “Vote Democrat – better spineless than evil.” And that’s about the level of choice we get.

    The problem isn’t the party in power, it’s the power structure itself. The parties AREN’T in power – they are just bobbleheads doing what their corporate bosses tell them.

    Anyone who thinks voting for a different party will make a difference, shouldn’t be calling urban voters fools.
    If the shoe fits…

    • Exactly!!!………….does anyone, and I mean anyone, remember the last time a party was voted into power in Ontario that didn’t “milk” the tax payers for every cent they could?

    • Surely you are not suggesting that we vote NDP — Spineless and Evil….

      Should we continue to vote Liberal? Slimy, slithering Gaia Worshiping dupes of the Greens — even if only 90% evil.

      Maybe all the Conservatives have to use as a slogan is “Vote for us — No way we can be as stupid as the Liberals — Eh?

      No all the parties aren’t equivalent — any mistakes the PCs made don’t even rate close to the duplicity and chicanery of the Prating Ponzi Artists of the left leaning Liberals and their sycophant followers of the NDP.

      Seriously! Give me a break!

      • Like it or not, Tim Hudak, and the Conservatives are our only hope, of derailing the runaway greed energy train. He has stated over and over, that he would get rid of the green energy act, and FIT program. What other party has said that? We have to go with the party that feels the same way about wind turbines as we do, and that is the Conservatives!

    • We are talking about industrial wind turbines. For me, this is THE election issue. They must be stopped and the only party who will claim to stop them is the PCs. And for this reason, I, an urban voter, will vote PC.

      The shoe does fit for many urban voters, not all of us.

  3. As long as there is a renewable energy mandate it makes no difference if the government owns the power system or it is owned by private stockholder companies.
    Both are required to buy electricity form renewable sources by law.

    “They” had to make investments in the power system? Like changing the power grid from cental sources to a grid to gather electricity form all kinds of renewable energy sources. Changed to a completely different grid system which will cost millions to do.

    By supplying wind energy into the Pensylvania grid this is apt to get into the U.S. “coal” situation where coal miners and power plant employees will lose jobs due to using a “foreign” source of electricity.

  4. I find it absolutely shocking, that they can blame Harris, who has had absolutely no control over the energy portfolio for…..12 YEARS!!! Oh my. If they could do nothing but make things 50 times worse than it ever had been, and they’ve had 12 years of control, they have no right being in office. Never before, in the history of this entire country, has a worse mess been made, of a province. From have to have-not, faster than a speeding bullet. Impressive, if you want to be bankrupt.

  5. Minister Chiarelli earlier, in so many words, said it was our own fault, and it’s our responsiblility to cut our electricity bills. Now he blames Mike Harris. Everybody but himself and the Liberal Party. They must be running scared. Their polling has probably started to show they’re sliding in the polls.

  6. Ye are Gods not any of these pimps,puppeteers,fraudsters,pedophiles,thieves etc. Along with their fraudulent legal fiction jurisfictions they create only to steal your currency threw your corporate names your parents gave away to the corporation of Canada. Why do you hear so much corruption going on in the political system. And have anyone gone to jail? No. immunity? you wonder,ehe/
    To wait and see if only the next will protect you is like trying to go Vegas to win the big one. Good stinken luck

  7. Here is a link to TVO AGenda with Steve Paikin. He interviews the Energy Minister:

    Master links with Bios here:

    Last night, TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin, had a panel discussion on Ontario’s “current” situation and the Long Term Energy Plan announced on Monday. While most of the panel played nice, there are some very interesting comments particularly from Universuty of Toronto’s Don Dewees (“I was never in favour of the Green Energy Act”) and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers’ Paul Acchione, who said Ontario is committing suicide economically with its energy policy.

  8. And I thought the “debt retirement” charge was applied to balance the books. Wonder where that money was going after listening to this Fiberal crap

  9. “The Agenda” provides useful information as you don’t have to guess who’s involved in the renewable energy scam.

  10. The Liberals promised to greatly extend the natural gas lines into rural Ontario areas.
    Besides the cost of doing this rural people will still have to bear the costs of “green” energy on their Hydro bills unless they can disconnect from the grid.

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