Sarnia mayor decries long-term energy plan

Mayor of Sarnia bradleySarnia Observer
As local families prepare to dig deeper to cover mounting hydro bills, the Ontario government has confirmed it plans to move forward with wind development, despite its recently announced plan to pay wind producers to stop producing energy.

The Liberal government is calling for half of the province’s energy to be generated by wind and solar operations by 2025, according to the province’s new long-term energy plan released Monday.At the same time, the province recently rolled out a plan to allow wind producers to be paid to stop energy production in light of the province’s current surplus of power.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley said the scenario is another example of how the Green Energy Act is failed public policy. “Everyone knows it but the Minister of Energy and the government,” Bradley said Tuesday. “If they wanted to reach out and show it’s a new government with a new premier, this is the one issue that, for good public policy reasons, they could retreat on and receive a lot of credit for it.” Read article

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  1. What we need is a new government. PCs will put a stop to new turbines and solar. Those energy sources are fine for an individual who chooses to live off the grid but the rest of us should not be forced to subsidize an unsustainable business.

    • While I understand what you are saying that wind and solar do not scale up to meet commercial power generation requirements, I don’t see how the PC government will be able do undo what has been done. They have already publicly stated in the past that they would not cancel approved projects and there is virtually nothing they are willing to do about the turbines already spinning. The damage has been done. I see no reason to expect any other elected government to willingly bring about meaningful change here.

      Bob Chiarelli summed it up well when he said we are going to have to live with it.

      I firmly believe the last bastion of hope to somehow undo some of the damage that has been done lies with the court of law and the legal challenges that are now being brought forth. It is the only hope of removing (or a portion of) the politics from the equation. Because from a political standpoint, the GEA is rigged not to ever have a hope of a fair fight against the government and its ministries.

      • The PC plan clearly calls for significant reduction and elimination of the lucrative FIT tariffs. this would go a long way to eliminating future development plans by wind companies. Does a duly elected government not have the right to set the tafiff rates?

      • Future development, yes. The seeds have already been sown for catastrophe, though. My post was meant to imply they will likely be able to nothing about what has already been done.

        And I’m not sure if the FIT rates are part of a locked in contractual obligation. I’m guessing that they would have to be in order to garner so much private sector investment.

      • The McGuinty government changed the FIT tariffs already as I recall, to a lot of squawking from small investors in solar panels. The question here is are the giant IWT FIT rates locked in long time. Anyone?

      • They have already publicly stated in the past that they would not cancel approved projects and there is virtually nothing they are willing to do about the turbines already spinning.

        It is time for the PCs to reconsider that Lame Duck position.

      • They have the all the LAWFUL right to protect the public from harm and they can easily enforce the precautionary principal into place.
        It does not matter what Queens park has to say as this jurisdiction applies to our communities as they are Mayor Chief Justice
        As far as these other corporate bullies are concern they all operate on legal jurisdiction which in itself is fraud and fiction. No real living identities in this scene and they certainly are not welcome in a lawful common law court.
        And yes the mayor can be prosecuted for abandoning his lawful oath to protect the people from harm and allowing the continuing of this destruction and fraud to our communities and his/hers jurisdiction .
        As far as prosecution this is about to happen to some of the bankers with this fraud loans and other mortgage companies that are falsely foreclosing on home owners and also to police officers that aid and abed in this fraud.
        Times are changing very fast and for me I would not want to hold any public office or any bank title or even a police officer that eventually cannot be bonded anymore as they will have a criminal record with this approaching common law court system coming available very soon and some as early in a few weeks.
        Of course this common law court can be set up with real living non fictional people wanting to prosecute criminals that they are which allow all this to continue in their jurisdiction..
        This has nothing to do with the ridiculous legal courts as they operate on admiralty legal crap and we are not on the high seas as they have you all to believe as such.

    • These Mayors should know that the are LORD MAJOR CHIEF JUSTICE for their jurisdiction. They have the capability to protect there so called jurisdiction to protect the communities from harm.
      And as these Turbines are proven to give everyone hardships thru fraud and torture for the living and therefor have an obligation to not stand aside and allow this to happen
      Given these facts of this information it is their duty and ours to apply pressure they need to step up to the table and announce to not allow anymore of this.
      And not to do so they should be prosecuted in a peoples common law court with witnesses to charge them crimes against humanity and allow universal law to kick in.
      As you see none of their legal jurisdiction is fraud and is not working so lets get into lawful jurisdiction to do our job as true people taking care of our communities as the puppets are fearful to truly step in.

      • These mayors are likely more concerned about the probable prosecution from the corporations with unlimited bankrolls that will profit from the wind farms in their communities than the unlikely prosecution by the citizens. Costly and career ending litigation appears more likely if they somehow attempt to refuse turbines (I’m not how they are empowered to provide a meaningful refusal to wind turbines since those rights were stripped by the GEA?) rather than accept them. The cards were long since stacked against everyone at a local level long ago.

        So, what is this ‘capability’ you speak of? I can think of a few mayors that would be very interested in this yet undiscovered capability they may have.

  2. Those involved in the renewable energy scam are so engaged in deal making that they don’t care how much electricity costs as long as they get their cuts out of the ene.
    Toronto is full of energy deal makers and their hangerson. This is all the present government cares about as well. Maybe how to get their share in all the deal making?
    Rural people don’t even count. Just use rural Ontario as a place to make money.
    A business situation with renewable energy was mentioned here

  3. To continue, abusiness situation was mentioned here afew days ago and no one recognized there was something wrong in the deal that was made in an OPG Venture deal.

    • Do you have any “infographics” or “apps” that might help us to better understand?

  4. While ending the FIT contracts would end this was true at the time this was said but now there are other means of financing wind projects that are just as lucrative.
    Maybe the only way is to find fraud in the contracts.

  5. And the RENEWABLE ENERGY MANDATES have to be removed!
    The FIT contracts did attract investments in Ontario FITs. Without them and the renewable energy mandtes there would have been no IWTs because there would have been no money to be made.
    Now there are other ways to finance these projects and make money on them but if the mandates are removed then there will be no demand for IWTs

  6. Unfortunately, government officials have been so sweet talked into thinking that … stick up a bunch of wind turbines “oh, no, we’ll call them windmills so everyone pictures them as being 60 feet tall.” and some nice solar panels and and you won’t need those “nasty coal plants”. Failing to mention without those coal, nuclear plants – it’s going to be mighty cold in the winter. It’s ashame that government officials actually believe that you can exist in a modern society with 50 % of your energy ..not actually there and producing because wind & solar are not reliable.

  7. It is high time all Municipalities started to throw any and all “pro-wind/solar bums” out of their Councils, take back the powers that the people used to believe they have and re-write the total governance of this Province!

    We are being run by Dictators and financial fraudsters and desperate times calls for desperate measures!

    Remember that these oligarchs and fraudsters all survive by living off the $$$$$’s we send up the ladder from our Township’s tax bills………………without a host, a parasite dies!

    • While I enjoy the sentiment of your post, ‘throwing out’ anyone that opposes your point of view is taking a page out of the dictatorship playbook…which is the very notion you appear to detest. “Be careful what you wish for” rings true if you choose to become the very thing you oppose in order to win.

  8. It was a situation where OPG Venture money was given to an investment firm and then a high ranking OPG Venture person joined the investment firm as a partner.
    Partners share profits. And this is self dealing but the statute of limitations has problay run out on this one.

    • I see, thank you. But….

      Statute of Limitations? Please tell me you’re not serious.. given the extent of the fraud and everything. Do you think these crooks are going to get away with it all by beating the clock? Even when people like us have been blowing whistles all these years trying to get a prosecution rolling?

      If that’s the way this is headed, I have more questions re: ethics for people who’ve exploited ‘the grey zone’ all these years. For example, I wonder if Carol is still kicking or whether she has been retired now.

  9. Folks,
    It is impossible for anyone to comment very much on the FIT contracts. The only ones that have any knowledge of what is in them is the wind companies and the liberal government. They are private contracts.

    The liberal government told us 13.5 cents per kilowatt hour, I think it is now a different number. But is that the actual rate in the contract? How do we know that it isn’t twice as high for some?

    It is fairly well known that the FIT contracts have ‘escalators’ in them. That is a cost of living type inflation increase. Some have suggested that this rate isn’t set from anything. They just make it up. Some have said that it could be 5 or 10 times higher than the actual inflation rate.

    We do not know what is in these contracts.
    The government has shown that it can do just about anything it wants. Any government. Maybe the liberals will get so desperate before the next election they shut down wind turbines,(cancel gas plants)

    It is probably not going to happen. But get the dialogue started and it causes more damage for the the wind industry.

    • Thanks. You imply individual contracts may vary considerably. They may be something like the original Samsung deal, even the cabinet wasn’t informed of the details, As for Wynne, she was at the coffee machine when documents were signed.

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