It always seems impossible, until it’s done


8 thoughts on “It always seems impossible, until it’s done

  1. Very few things in life are impossible….if you are willing to do what is required. Very few people, are willing to do what is required. Most would prefer to say, “it’s impossible”.
    You never really know how strong you are, until you’ve been tested.

  2. A lot of western liberal revisionist lead information fail to inform their people the true story of the nefarious person whom Nelson Mandela was. His vision of South Africa was to allow limited existence of White Society because they knew how to run the infrastructure government and business. Useful until his Band of Socialists could dispose of their necessity. Look today at the number of White Farmers murdered. Liberal western media never report the atrocities of Black roving socialists killing White people.
    The western guilt liberal gravely turns a blind eye when Black on White crime takes place. And all the good spin attention Nelson Mandela receives post life should not exclude his necklassing his political opponents when Mandela wanted power.
    His henchmen and mentally disturbed wife Winnie brutally killed any who got in his way. But western tunnel vision liberals can’t see the forest through the trees.

      • Unfortunately, if you research the topic, alot of it is true. There are good and bad sides to most people, and Mandela is no exception.

      • A ‘bigoted’ racist? I’d think a racist precludes being a bigot, no? Myrna, before you resort to unfounded name calling, you should do yourself a favour and look into what Jeff has written. As stated by 1957, it is true…whether the western liberal meeting chooses to report the facts or not to you is another story. Are you able to identify what is racist about Jeff’s post?

        To paraphrase the situation in SA, Apartheid was a horrible and fascist political system that certainly and extensively discriminated against the majority black population. But make no mistake – while Mandela was a terrorist who played a role in ending it, what replaced it is arguably worse. Now everyone, both black and white Afrikaners are terrorized and the country is a cess pool of barbarianism, terrorism and decay of modern civilization. He did not make SA a better place and he’s not a hero.

  3. HOWEVER! .. “It always seems impossible, until it’s done.” This is still a very pertinent message as we cope with the assault of feckless wind turbines that are destroying all we hold dear.

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