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Dear Ms Horwath
You have invited Ontario citizens to comment on how the Provincial Liberal Energy Policy is affecting us as consumers. The Liberal policies, or lack thereof, are driving this province off the road and “into the ditch”. While rural Ontario residents are chaffing under the inhumane policies of this Liberal government, the New Democratic Party continues to “prop up” this government in hopes of being tossed a few “bones” in the form of minor adoptions of some of the NDP platform in return for support of this “major minority”… to use the words of the former premier of this province.

The suffering, we fear, is only beginning! My wife and I are senior citizens living on a fixed income. We have cut back our budget to a “bare-bones” level and fear that some of the necessities of life such as heat in the winter and food in our stomachs will be the next sacrifices to be made. I’m sure you would be shocked if you knew the small amount of money we’re forced to live on for the rest of our days! All of this while some foreign multi-national energy companies are getting wealthy off those same sacrifices by Ontario’s own people. We will be paying ridiculous rates for our electricity while we subsidize the cost of power to other jurisdictions which are now using those savings against us by taking our jobs and our standard of living. My wife and I are experiencing increased medical costs due, in part, to the impact of increasing age but also due to medical issues that have arisen as industrial wind “farms” continue to be constructed in our “back yard”! For example, neither of us experienced tinnitus or vertigo, or increased difficulties with “impulse control” until Nextera, Capital Power, Samsung, and Niagara Region Wind Company showed up in Haldimand/Norfolk. Read letter

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  1. The callousness of the Liberal government, is shocking. The Green energy act is a travesty of justice, the costs are crippling our entire province, and the NDP have the nerve to say, “we believe that this is what the people want. What people? The ones getting rich, from robbing us blind??? The LibNDP have got to go. Like it or not, our province needs a Conservative majority, even just for the sake of damage control.

  2. Please come to your senses and realize that the ” Green Energy ” legislation is the stupidest and
    most damaging bit of public policy in the history of Ontario politics. What do you plan to do
    about it ? !
    signed Paul Moody PEng.

  3. Most of the people involved in the Ontario “green” energy scam are lawyers, political science majors, social science majors, business majors.
    These people have little to no science education and those who do have science backgrounds are involed in this for the sake of money.

  4. The NDPee is useless: how many times has one written to the Leader, to an MPP or MP, and never even received as much as a, Thanks, etc? No response of any kind? The NDPee is all smoke and mirrors. They ignore citizens as much as they ignore letters, emails and other missives. If you are going to write, write often and non-stop. Maybe even ask for a acknowledgement of receipt.

      • John you are right on the money when it comes to any of the politicians !!!! it is just shameful !!! but they sure want to talk with you when it is voting time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Andrea and NDP friends:

    I am particularly concerned about HEALTH ISSUES of “Industrial Wind Factories”.

    Preliminary results indicate that there is a *direct connection* between health complaints (Sleep disturbance, Tinnitus/ear pressure and ringing, and Vertigo/Motion Sickness)

    Please stop all *current* and future projects until the full results are published.

    Also, please tell your Union friends to stop the CAW wind turbine. This has generated numerous complaints from nearby residents.


    Richard Mann

  6. I have tried several times to email Andrea Horwath re the website above – emails cannot be sent!!! very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am a senior citizen hydro for one is hurting. When are you going to get off your butt and start
    working for the people that elected you. I see lots of smoke but no fire. Right now I am angry
    at your prefomance. Maybe it is time to vote for a different PARTY.

    • James!! you are so correct when it comes to Andrea! I still am trying to get her office to contact me – not luck!! and it is the same with the Premier of this Province ! in which I have emailed her office no less than 40 times!! again no reply! so that kinda tells you where we are at! – I say run them all out of Dodge!!!!!!!!!!! and the entire issues with the wind turbine companies and the abuse of birds – makes me SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You probably won’tget a reply from Andrea. I have heard she just joined the running tribe.
        She is not sure in what direction to run. who she just climbed back into bed with the lib’s.

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