Bluewater signs road user agreement with Nexterror

Palmer noted if council refused to enter into the agreement, they would most certainly be sued by NextEra. “A suit that will not only cost our taxpayers a sizeable tax increase, but in all likelihood we would lose,” he said. “Therefore, I will vote to support this motion under protest. When I vote on it officially and finally I wish to have ‘under protest’ recorded.”

Nexterror Bullies Canada IncBy Mac Christie, Times-Advocate Staff
VARNA — Bluewater council has finalized a road user agreement with NextEra Energy, clearing the way for the start of construction on the Bluewater Wind Energy Centre. The road user agreement, between Bluewater and Varna Wind Inc., is meant to protect the municipality from any damage to their roads and infrastructure brought about by the construction of the wind turbines.

The agreement stipulates that Varna Wind Inc. post security in the amount of $1,250,000, made up of a $250,00 letter of credit and $1 million in the from of a bond. As well, the agreement includes $50,000 to cover legal costs incurred by Bluewater associated with this agreement and a further $50,000 to cover administrative and engineering fees the municipality incurs as a result of this agreement. It also includes the previously passed decommissioning agreement and agreed insurance requirements.

Council agreed to pass the agreement Nov. 25 in a 5-2 vote with Hay West Coun. John Gillespie and Stanley West Coun. George Irvin opposed. Bluewater chief administrative officer Steve McAuley told council the agreement will protect the municipality both during construction and afterwards. Read article

15 thoughts on “Bluewater signs road user agreement with Nexterror

  1. “Conflicts” within Council……………”Blackmailed” into signing agreements Council doesn’t want?………..sounds about right when doing business with Wind Developers backed up by Provincial politicians who are bleeding Ontarians dry!
    We are living in surreal world run by criminals!

  2. The Mayor,Deputy Mayor and one of the councillor’s declared a conflict of interest? The reasons why were not mentioned. Would there be any chance that they or family members have signed up to hosts for wind turbines? Looking forward to hearing from someone up in that Zurich/Bayfield area.

    • The reason for the conflict of interest is just as you suggest, they themselves and/or family members are host to IWT.

  3. Cowards. If they feel it’s not in the best interests of the citizens…don’t sign. How do you get sued for not agreeing to something that is no in the best interests of the ratepayers? There’s no such thing. It would be off to the OMB. They probably haven’t looked at their insurance either…they just assume. Cowards.

  4. Blackmail or extortion? Two different things.
    Threating to sue somone can reach the level of extortion as this becomes a fear tactic.
    Blackmail is when you use hidden information to get what you want.

  5. What is needed from more municipal councils is a sue and be damned attitude. Either they believe the best interests of the community are met with industrial wind development, or not.
    If not, then make wind companies fight every inch of the way to get to the construction phase. Like all bullies the developers go where the opposition is weakest, they do not like long term legal battles, one of the reasons they are in Ont in the first place. If every council in Ont put every legal restriction possible in their path, they would go somewhere, where the pickings were easier for them.
    Somethings are just worth fighting for and an environmentally clean, safe rural landscape, friendly for agriculture is one of them.

    • Exactly! Not only that, but time=money. So the more you delay the Wind companies, the more time there is for the process to collapse. At this point we can safely assume that anyone who “signs” is either corrupt or clueless. They deserve to be booted out.

    • Barbara…… Google Globe & Mail and the same report shows up there. First paragraph reads as follows;
      “Under pressure from the wind-power industry, the Obama
      administration said Friday it will allow companies to kill or
      Injure eagles without fear of prosecution for up to three

      Our American neighbours, as well as our Provincial Liberal Government, have both gone
      “Global Warming” NUTS with Al Gore as their official spokesperson!!

  6. Now we know that it is the President.
    The U.S. Senate deals with Treaty issues and eagles are covered under the Migratory Bird Treaty.
    However, there are key members of the Senate who favour and back IWTs. So the President can count on backing from this group.
    Mexico can be bought off.

  7. American Wind Energy Association Board includes:
    John DiDonato, NextEra Energy Resources
    Jim Murphy, Invenergy LLC
    Mike Garland, Pattern energy Group LP

    Governor’s Wind Energy Coalition members include:
    New York
    North Dakota
    With the exception of California & Pennsylvania all these states border on Canada where electricity from Canada enters. Now Pensylvania with the new cable from Nanticoke will be included.

    • That should cripple the US economy — or at least cripple their manufacturing. Is this goo news or bad news for Canada?

  8. Leaves Ontario in the same position as Ireland is in. Source of electricity supply at the expense of Ontarians.
    Now it’s obvious why Esther was gone after. No bad publicity wanted while the deals were being made in Washington.

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