Liberals’ energy plan is dead in the long run

protest-london-not-clean-not-green.jpgMartin Regg Cohn, Guelph Mercury
Ontario has a new long-term energy plan. The problem with long-term outlooks is that, in the words of economist John Maynard Keynes, “in the long run we are all dead.” Keynes himself is long dead, but his message endures: Short term cannot be isolated from long term — a reality that will not have escaped Ontario’s exasperated electricity users.

Ratepayers who recoil at the arrival of their hydro bill will pay little heed to the government’s new 20-year planning horizon. The last plan, issued in 2010, lasted barely three years before it was ripped up this week. The 2007 long-term plan had a similarly short shelf life. Perhaps this is planned obsolescence: The three-year life cycles of Liberal energy plans just happen to coincide with election cycles, which is perhaps why this one has the feel of a campaign document that puts the best possible spin on wind turbines and rising rates.

It promises to help finance retrofitting of your home starting next year, in time for a likely spring election. And it promises to make electricity cheaper — which is to say, less expensive than it would otherwise have been as per the now-outdated 2010 plan. Read article

6 thoughts on “Liberals’ energy plan is dead in the long run

  1. Martin Regg Cohn — and his damaging adjectives

    ‘[excerpt] It’s not just the unproven claims of declining health, but the undeniable declines in property values that rouse rural ire.’

    • Dear Martin,

      In fact, the wind turbine industry and government agencies including the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
      consistently deny wind turbines adversely affect property values.

      For your information, it’s spelt F-R-A-U-D.

      How could you not know this?

    • Yup, I noticed that as well.

      Cohn is having trouble implicating his longtime Liberal friends and his blinkered buddies at the Toronto Star.

      “Unproven” was his last gasp … one word away from admitting that we were right and he was wrong.

  2. Ontario is on the road to ‘serfdom.

    Excellent article!
    ‘[excerpt] Ontario has a new long-term energy plan.

    The problem with long-term outlooks is that,
    in the words of economist John Maynard Keynes,
    “in the long run we are all dead.”‘

    News Flash!
    Energy Minister, Bob Chiarelli has one fault.
    He has no common thought of his own;
    and, now it appears………
    he thinks – the Comma, SemiColon, and the Colon
    are body parts.

    Please send Bob –
    a piece of coal – it’s cheap –
    and warm.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Amusing to steal – a little bit @ a time?
      So what kind of message is this man sending his young son?
      I don’t think he helped his case by appearing on NBC –
      where he demonstrated arrogance.

      I’d say the police waited to see if they had a good case against him –
      obviously the police feel they do…………..bravo!
      ‘[excerpt] But for some reason which hasn’t been made clear, the police then waited 11 days to actually arrest him. He was taken from his home to the police station, where he was held for 15 hours before being fingerprinted and released on $150 bail.
      Police justify enforcing the 5 cent loss with a much costlier arrest and overnight stay in jail by saying that plugging in the car without permission was theft, even though it was Saturday and there was nobody to ask.
      “He broke the law. He stole something that wasn’t his,” Chamblee Police Sgt. E nesto Ford told WXIA News. “A theft is a theft.”
      Kamooneh said he intends to fight the charge in court in February.’

      Hopefully this will be back in the news!

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