MOE to landowners with wind leases: “Do your own due dilligence”

receptorMs. Garcia- Wright, Mr. Chiarelli, Mr. Bradley and Ms. Mathews,

For many months, I have been pursuing the question of health for children whose parents agree to place wind turbines on their properties at less than the 550m setback. I thought the question very important since the government says 550m is protective of human health. That suggests that anything less than 550m is not protective. I was also curious as to whether or not the consent of the affected children is obtained in these situations.

I thought it unreasonable and ridiculous that I had to pursue answers through several different ministries and that it took many months to get a response. However, once I read the response, I realized that there there are much bigger concerns. I had to read the response (attached) that I received from Ms. Garcia-Wright a number of times because I could not believe what I was reading. The government has just essentially said that the health of children living WITHIN the 550m setback from wind turbines is negotiable. This government has decided that they need to play the role of parent when it comes to tanning salons and in school cafeterias yet sees no need to play a role with respect to this issue. If ever an oversight role was required, it is in this situation since decisions with respect to wind turbines are driven by money and judgement can be clouded by money. The wind developers want to make a lot of money and some parents may put the chance of additional income before their own children. In fairness to those parents, and as you are well aware, the opportunistic wind developers would not be pointing out any kind of issue with positioning of the turbines at less than the 550m setback.

This is frightening! I am appalled that your wind energy policy takes precedence over the health of these children. Perhaps you need to alter your claim that 550m is protective of human health. Perhaps it should say that 550m is protective of human health but the health of participating landowners and their children can be sacrificed for money.

I feel I must share this response with Mothers Against Wind Turbines as well as other wind action groups. I also plan to distribute it to media and to every interest group that I can find that represents childrens’ issues. People in this province need to know that the health of these children can be negotiated between two parties for the almighty dollar and that our government condones it.

I do, of course, wish to see a response from one of you or all of you and hopefully it won’t take months.

Bonnie Tuson

 …the response:

26 thoughts on “MOE to landowners with wind leases: “Do your own due dilligence”

  1. I am pleased to respond on behalf of Minister Bradley? …. What a bunch of smug b@$7@r95. So these children are to be sacrificed on the alter of the green gods. This is beyond negligence. It is criminality. Reading this bs reply makes me mad enough to spit nails. As long as they negotiate distances with the wind energy developers? So I guess this means here in Ontario our government makes the laws and the citizens are obligated to abide by those laws except if you are a wind developer. They have their own set of rules that they can just make on the fly. Hey if defenseless children get in the way….pppfffffttttt Too bad. This letter needs to be seen far and wide. Sadly this happens all over the world.

    • No, it has not been overlooked, as a matter of fact, it is one of the complaints that Mother’s Against Wind Turbines, has been making. I have even written to a host farmer, telling them about protecting their children, and was threatened. They truth is, money talks…..louder than the host farmer’s children. The government will just ignore this, until we force them. not to. Everyone should write, and complain!

      • I was not aware, I am learning more each day and I thank you.
        I know about government corruption and coercion when it comes to mega corporations, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

        Farmers making threats to you for speaking out about using *their* own kids as guinea pigs?? It’s sad to see them sell out their own offspring for a few bucks. They may wake up and have a change of heart, however it may be much too late.

    • The question is……How could anyone use their kids as guinea pigs, in order to get money? Even a host farmer, should have more common sense and decency than that. But apparently, not.

  2. The guideline for turbine siting is 550 meters from a receptor. Two of the host farmers have turbines sited at approx 300 meters and two at less than 400 meters from their homes. This is not a minor limit below the guideline. 250 and 150 meters below the guideline is a very significant distance. This wind developer chose the wrong location ( greater population density )and squeezed them in to accommodate his project.
    These are 600′, 3 MW turbines and to site them at that short distance is nothing short of criminal. These same farmers did not do due diligence before signing their contracts the same as this corrupt, incompetent government did before venturing into wind energy.

  3. Are the Wind turbine companies supposed to give written warning that the turbines will not be in the the “safe” zone of 500m? What protection is there for kids from willful ignorance?

  4. Chev is right. This issue is a major concern at OWR.
    Now when children show up in school suffering from the effects of IWTs, the school administrators will know who is responsible for this.

    Thanks for all of your efforts to get this writing!!!

    • You’re right Barbara! Surely this is a disappointing response. But there is now no way for the Gov’t to deny this in the future.
      Hmm. I wonder if the PC MPP (sorry, I forgot her name) could introduce this @ Queen’s Park. It is pretty hard to duck this question…

  5. The government did not force people to sign these IWT contracts so the government is not responsible.
    These are private contracts between the developer and the landowner. So if children become ill due to the presence of an IWT on the property then the parents are responsuble and not the developer. The parents allowed something harmful to their childern to be placed on their property.
    It dosen’t matter what kind of harmful thing parents place on their property they are still responsuble. This is already established in law and has nothing to do with the Green Energy Act.
    However, this letter makes it clear just who is responsible.

  6. Most parents don’t understand that the school system that their children attend can drag parents asses through the courts if they find that a child is being harmed by something where they live.

    • Role of Union
      Role of Principal
      Role of Teacher

      I’d say the union rules – [we all know]
      and, the principal [your guess]
      and, the teacher follows curriculum without questioning anything [or else]

      It’s a pretty nice educational system – for some.

  7. The fact is that 550 meters was not required for the host landownwers.
    This could be changed but the earlier contracts would be grandfathered in.
    Minor children can not agree to or give consent to contracts. This is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

  8. The federal government and NRCan has been concerned about residents exposed to wind turbines at proximities less than 550 metres,
    dating back to 2005.
    Yet, here we are today.

    See for yourself:
    May 14, 2005 – NRCan Curtis Lockett to AIM PowerGen, Mike Crawley, Ansar Gafur

    ‘[excerpt] NRCan also noted that it is expected that all residences, regardless of whether a property intends to host a wind turbine, will not be at risk of significant environmental impacts with respect to operational noise.
    The proponent has submitted a revised environmental noise analysis, and has stated that turbines are located at a minimum set-back of 250m in order to provide a base level of mitigation. However, it is unclear as to how the environmental noise analysis was revised, as the current version states that “receptors defined under the MOE guidelines were identified and consisted of non-leaseholder residential dwellings” and that “participating landowners upon whose lands a turbine is located were not included as receptors as defined by Ministry documents”. It is also unclear whether 250m is adequate to mitigate against the potential human health effects associated with noise emissions from the wind farm.
    The proponent needs to indicate whether the noise analysis demonstrates that all residents are not at risk of significant environmental impacts with respect to operational noise.’

    Too bad Stephen Harper and the Conservatives don’t care.

    • New chapter – don’t blame Mike Harris
      blame Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

      Let’s vote Liberal – again.

      I loved civic classes – the nun’s knew their stuff.

      • Black & White — and the ‘sense of security’..


        “Why are Catholics always counting their rosaries?”

        Answer: Because they’re curious to know how many beads there are.

      • What would you like Stephen Harper to do?
        I’ll wait for the answer,
        ……I know it will be good.

        I loved the Catholic joke!

      • WWSHD?

        First, he must spend 40 days and nights in the Clear Creek-Cultus-Frogmore IWT Zone….

      • Brilliant answer!
        Start building the Zucchini Boat.

        I have a good stuffing recipe.

  9. Schools are required by law to investigate if something appears to be wrong with a child. It’s not up to the principal or the union. If this isn’t done then the school will be held responsible for not investigating.

  10. So the health of children of the hosts has been or will be jeopardized. The way I see it, the hosts are selling the health of their children for money. Sounds a bit like pimping.
    What about the safety issue? If these children are living in houses that are situated near IWT’S, what if there is ice throw? What if a blade breaks? What if the turbine catches on fire and a burning piece is thrown into a house? These blades are massive and have the potential to travel far at a high velocity.

    Over and above the host farmer, some of these turbines are located near roads. What if a school bus full of children gets hit by flying debris?

    The wind turbines must stop now!!!

  11. Build your own future in energy:

    ‘[excerpt] MOE to landowners with wind leases: “Do your own due diligence”

    That’s the business part.

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