Petition: Dismantle the Green Energy Act

sign-the-petitionCanadian Taxpayers Federation
Dear Premier,

Ontario families are struggling to pay their energy bills, while the provincial government doubles down on subsidizing failed green energy programs.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of Ontario to dismantle the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009 and stop letting green ideology guide our energy polices in Ontario at the expense of ratepayers.

4 thoughts on “Petition: Dismantle the Green Energy Act

  1. “In 1991 the government of Helmut Kohl enacted the so-called Power Feed-in Act, which was later amended by the Socialist-Green coalition government of Gerhard Schröder to become the EEG Act (Energy Feed-in Act). This Act, chalk-full of tricks, forced disliked power companies to buy renewable energy no matter the circumstances, and to do so at exorbitant state-regulated prices. But in a trade-off, the power companies were allowed to pass the higher costs on to the consumers. The state—the driver behind the price spiral—was then able to capitalize by collecting more revenue from energy taxes while dubiously claiming not a single subsidy is paid out. Is it any wonder that this tricky law has since become one of Germany’s biggest exports (so named with delight by Environmental Secretary Michael Müller of the SPD Socialist Party)? This is how the EEG Act was either fully or partly exported to over 46 countries worldwide. Governments assume, and rightly so, that there are enough masses of stupid people, and that they won’t be going extinct anytime soon.”

    This, my friends, is where the corrupt Liberals came up with the idea of the “Green Energy Act”. The despicable piece of legislation, that took away democracy, and replaced it with dictatorship. Wake up everyone! This will destroy our entire way of life.

  2. How are we Senior citizens, who are on fixed income, be able to pay for the government’s mistakes. Please help us and those families who are on the poverty or below poverty level.

  3. It would be nice to think that someone in the Liberal Gov’t. whould start thinking about the people who are having to pay the bills. I would truly like to see the Green Energy Plan come to an end, but how would we pay the penatlies that would be associated with cancelation? If someone would cancel the plan I would be behind them 100% but lets not hold our breaths because these Liberals are only interested in what happens in Toronto and lets face it people there will never have to look at an ugly Solar Farm or Wind Farm. Lets just work hard and get rid of them in the next election if this unelected Premier will ever call and election or if the NDP will stop supporting them.

  4. Just got a Hydro One notification that my electricity bill will be increasing by another 10%. Thank you Ontario voters for electing that idiot socialist Kathleen Wynne.

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