Message to Chiarelli: Say NO to Hydro Hikes Protest

16 thoughts on “Message to Chiarelli: Say NO to Hydro Hikes Protest

  1. What would happen if thousand of us would just send our hydro bills back without out opening the letter and write on the bill Return to sender. Do not wish to contract with you.
    I would believe they would feel the pinch. And if you could get enough people with courage to do it ,this would show we are fed up with this fraud.

    • Forwarding your bill care of the liberals to pay would send a clear message.

      What Bobs address or mitz wynnes?

  2. Hey Ontario –
    Liberals on the run – it must be garbage day!

    Note: ‘[excerpt] John Gerretsen was mayor of Kingston before moving to provincial politics.’

    ……and, then his son became mayor of Kingston – massaging the college electorate;
    and, others following in the steps………….
    of ‘sustainable development’ – corruption.

    Attorney General John Gerretsen set to retire from politics
    Veteran Liberal cabinet minister John Gerretsen will not run in the next election.

    ‘[excerpt] Another Liberal riding will be up for grabs in the next provincial election as Attorney General John Gerretsen says he won’t run again.

    The party needs a candidate soon to fend off challenges from rival parties eager to topple Premier Kathleen Wynne’s minority government, Gerretsen, 71, said Friday from his office for Kingston and the Islands.

    That makes this a good time to announce retirement “rather than wait until a snap election,” Gerretsen, who supported Wynne in this year’s leadership contest, told the Star.

    “The premier’s carrying a bit of the can for what happened before. She’s operating under difficult circumstances,” he added, referring to the $1.1 billion scandal over power plants axed before the 2011 election.

    An election could come as early as next spring if Wynne fails to secure opposition support for a government budget expected in late March.

    The departure of Gerretsen, a former mayor of Kingston and MPP since 1995, follows the exits earlier this year of ex-premier Dalton McGuinty, former cabinet ministers Dwight Duncan, Chris Bentley, Laurel Broten, Margarett Best and Niagara Falls MPP Kim Craitor, who recently resigned for health reasons. A byelection in that case has yet to be called.’

    Boot them out!

    Liberal cronyism – no corrupt politician left behind.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. If you pray – pray now for the Ukraine –
    and, hope it never happens here.
    It’s all about energy – and the richness of the country;
    and, it closely parallels Ontario’s richness in natural resources –
    [you know the rest]

    ‘[excerpt] “Yanukovych has lost legitimacy as president … He is no longer the president of our state. He is a tyrant,” jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said in a letter to the crowd read by her daughter. “Don’t give in, not a step back, don’t give up, the future of Ukraine is in your hands.”’

    God Bless the Ukraine!

  4. Then Cansfield is the only one left of the original group of MPPs who met at Kingston the last week of June,2008 to help hatch the Green Energy Act.

  5. Not paying Hydro bills would be the best and most direct way of protest but how many can afford the late payment charges?
    You could pay every other month which would cut their revenues by 50%.

  6. Thinks sideways.
    How about we use too much energy, at inconvenient times. The more spikey and unpredictable the usage is, the more difficult grid and wind turbine integration in particular, will become.

  7. Who is going to pay these increased Hydo bills for the poor and the working poor?

    Electricity use to crash the grid would have to come on a very hot day or a very cold day? Days when outside power supplies can’t be obtained.

    Ontario does not want Quebec power. No need/excuse then for IWTs in Ontario.

  8. Richard is proposing that the DEMAND SIDE MANAGEMENT of Onratio electricty supply be tested. this would teach people a great lesson.
    Best time is when electric supplies are tight not only in Canada but elsewhere.

  9. Another plant to be shut down.
    Kelloggs is closing their cereal manufacturing plant in London,ON. 550 people will be out of work. Recently Heinz 700 people. Bakery on Cambridge soon to close – another 130 people.

    Maybe they can all acquire one of the 50,000 green jobs promised by Slitherman and McGuilty.
    And I must say Wynne as combination Premier and Minister of Agriculture is doing a splendid job. (Sarcasm intended)

    Let me be clear. I do not relish in the fact that people are being tossed out of a job. BUT DON’t you think that there might be a correlation between these lost jobs and high hydro costs?

    Of course the fact that unionized workers with Kelloggs are getting $ 28-30/hr probably didn’t help any.

  10. Ontario hydro rates are already double what they are in Quebec – it’s an indecent hike which will negatively impact those on fixed incomes as well as those with limited revenues.

  11. I’ve changed everything over to LCD lighting at a average cost of $13 a bulb had my house rewired and upgrade with new panel 5 yrs ago, and my hydro has doulbled! I think the 3 stooges that blew the 1.1 billion should go directly to jail and not some sort of resort straight to jail, and yes people should refuse to pay there bill which in turn would show the goverment enough is enough . If I owned a company that lost money I would sell it or go bankrupt, this in fact is a cash cow for the goverment we follow all their advise and still nothing but grief!

  12. This has to be an election issue, the more you reduce your consumption the more your hydro bill skyrockets.

  13. The lot of them should be tossed out of office and put in jail for fraud. Private companies are held accountable for CEO activities… why not this inept band of thieves we have here in office in Ontar-I-O????

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