Legal Greetings from Nexterror!

Nexterror snowman

Nextera/NexTerror says the SLAPP suit is on.

27 thoughts on “Legal Greetings from Nexterror!

  1. Show some sympathy folks….

    Those lawyers need to bill some time to buy Christmas goodies for their kiddies.

    Sheesh — pure thoughtlessness and selfishness ragging on such nice puppy dog lawyers.

    Have you guys no feelings?

  2. What happened to Kathleen Wynne’s promise to enact a law against SLAPP lawsuits? We need to write to her, and insist that she force Nextera to withdraw their frivoilous lawsuit! This is bloody ridiculous. The grinch rides again!

    • Hey 57 it is already known that it is frivolous.
      i cannot believe all you still believe in the fairy tales. All legalese is bull crap
      Step in the truth and into lawful jurisdiction instead of stepping in legal jurisdiction land mines.
      Again just brush this off as insanity like the blind masses leading the blind slaves.
      Cheers and stay in that box which they love to see you in..

  3. Canadian Mom damages
    The NextEra – ‘squeaky clean’ reputation –
    …………and wrecks their day ‘lawsuit’.

    Blessings come in strange ways!

    The world is watching,
    and, the world loves Canada.

    Again – Blessings come in strange ways!

    • Agreed, FT.

      If this is played right, the benefits will far outweigh the negatives, Esther’s legal fees notwithstanding.

  4. I hope no one who has the flu sneezes on any reply letter before you mail it. Nothing sadder than a wind lawyer losing billable hours because he is puking his guts out for a few days. Besides, it would be too hard for him to prove causation of becoming nauseated from a letter….no scientific studies over 25 years to prove such a concern.

    Or, to insure the health of workers in their work habitat, in compliance with MOE limits, send the reply in an audio recording interlaced with some LFN thumping and gears grinding. He should be able to do his job with no disturbance from the noise, as long as it is no louder than a 40 or 50 dB refrigerator, right?

  5. With United Way seeking to reap the benefits of this lawsuit, they also are a Bah Humbug enterprise. Apparently without them, there would be a way. Makes me think they would take proceeds from a drug mafia as well. Is United Way against freedom of speech?

  6. At least for now, don’t make any public statement that can be used against you.
    Make sure your property has a no tresspassing sign.
    Do NOT reply to this letter. Let them get a court order against you. Then they will have to prove to the court that they are justified in getting orders against you including a warrant.
    Don’t accept any envelopes handed to you by a stranger while out in public.
    If anyone phones you, just hang up. An unsolicited phone call.
    Don’t accept any letters and/or pacakages handed to you at home at home.
    Police need a warrant to enter your property as well.

    The developers got what they wanted in Washington and now Ontario/Canada is next.

  7. Future Ontario governments don’t have to hire law firms they don’t want to hire.

    Is the United Way allowing this law firm to use their name in this fashion?

  8. It’s unlikely the United Way asked for this potential “donation” so it’s not really their fault, BUT, they better get on their soapbox pretty damn soon to disassociate themselves from this farce.

    • ‘[excerpt] Labour & Employment:
      • Ontario Ministry of Education in the Provincial Discussion Table established to perform collective bargaining in Ontario’s education sector. Lead lawyer: Paul Boniferro
      • Major Montréal universities in injunction proceedings related to student strikes/boycotts. Lead lawyer: André Baril
      • Attorney General of Ontario in an application before the Superior Court concerning a pay dispute and involving constitutional process by the association that represents Ontario’s Justices of the Peace. Lead lawyer: Sunil Kapur’

      Third dot – but, nothing on SLAPP’s.
      …..the other dots are interesting – too.

      • It’s an old story – but still new…………obviously!

        ‘[excerpt] The Panel is to advise the Attorney General on the potential content of legislation against SLAPPs, and in particular to address key issues including:

        A test for courts to quickly recognize a SLAPP suit’
        [but who’s?]

        Warning: you have to read it while falling down the stairs;
        to realize the impact – when you hit bottom.

        Welcome Ontario!
        ……where public participation is encouraged.

  9. So the big offshore corporations, the big Bay Street lawyers and the vested and heretical environmental organizations are picking on a small town Canadian citizen-protester. This cannot be allowed to stand.

    I am, as a Canadian, ashamed of this action, which in my view, is not seen as an infringement on all of us by the Ontario Liberal Government. The plaintiff’s claim to help slow global warming is ridiculous given the destruction of so much in the urban landscape when so little is known about warming such as “how much” and its causes. As for greenhouse gases I have read that fossil fuels will be needed to make wind power operable and efficient. The IPCC has not won its case and has lost ground internationally. Where are the well-funded environmental guardians, and unions, to protect our landscape, our birds and animals and the humans affected adversely? They claim that the science is settled. And so it is – as flawed – who in the Ontario Government cares gives a damn?

    The Statement of Claim must become widely known in all of Ontario.

  10. Let a Canadian law firm, hired by a U.S. company, get a warrant and drag a Canadian citizen into court and see what happens.
    Said citizen should not go into court unless said citizen is dragged there.
    Any Canadian law firm that engages in such practices could suffer from repercussions for years to come from tactics like this.

    • But it’s, McCarthy Tetrault LLP – from the draconian age.
      I don’t think we’re in Ontario anymore.
      It’s 2013 and, 50 years out.

    • Hey Barbara,
      I totally agree with you – when you say,
      Do NOT reply to this letter.[above comment]

      It is crucial to stay quiet.

  11. Next terror is only showing what big babies they are! Having to go to this level for what?

    Because of showing a video that was REAL, and calling them a name that everybody was already saying for years! Poor little rich company cant handle a few rural brains. mommy better put them in bubble wrap.They cant seem to make nice!

  12. Never testfy against yourself! Let them DRAG Esther into court and prove their allegations.

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