Wind turbine opponents send a message in Dutton

1297501163094_ORIGINALPatrick Brennan, The Chronicle
A group protesting wind turbines in Dutton/Dunwich took their case to the streets Thursday, greeting guests arriving for a Christmas party sponsored by the company.
Approximately 22 residents carrying protest signs, greeted traffic arriving at the Dutton/Dunwich Community Centre for a Christmas party. Protesters were peaceful and simply handed out an information sheet before allowing vehicles to come in off the street and park.

“Concerned Dutton/Dunwich residents have established a group to formally opposed to industrial wind turbines projects proposed for this community,” read a handout from the group. Invenergy has been negotiating with landowners for leases in Dutton/Dunwich that would allow to erect wind turbines.

In recent discussions with Dutton/Dunwich, the company has said it is no longer interested in participating in public meetings on green energy, but will hold stakeholder meetings instead. The company told Dutton/Dunwich Laurie Spence Bannerman it is not interested in being part of the meetings because the earlier ones tended to turn into shouting matches. Ric Walford, a spokesman for the citizen’s group, said it wanted the company to be clear on where large groups of residents stood when it came to wind turbines. Read article

4 thoughts on “Wind turbine opponents send a message in Dutton

  1. “James Murphy, director of development for Invenergy, said he did not think it was appropriate for protesters to show up at a Christmas dinner to make their point.”
    Spoiling the fat cats Christmas dinner. Hard to be thankful for a wind turbine company seeking to destroy the habitat of people and wildlife.

    • Of course they don’t want protesters. However, they leave us no choice.

      Here is my promise: If/when the turbines start spinning near me (Samsung, Haldimand), I will RECORD that noise and I will play it back in THEIR backyard(s)!

  2. I pray for the day that the tables are turned on the wind-baggers and sleezy politicians. When the contracts are thrown out as fraudulent, the turbines are bulldozed, the wind-criminals are thrown into jail, and their ill-gotten gains are redistributed among their victims by the courts .. then there will be justice!

  3. James Murphy, director of development for Invenergy – your company – if it builds will be in these peoples lives 24-7-365, so a brief interruption of your celebratory Christmas party is a mere puff of wind..

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