Three OPG execs fired in wake of auditor general report

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TORONTO – Three senior Ontario Power Generation executives were fired following a scathing auditor’s report that uncovered “very generous” pensions, salaries and perks. Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli announced OPG had terminated its chief financial officer, executive vice-president for strategic initiatives and vice-president for internal audit. “The auditor’s findings indicate that Ontarians can and should expect better,” he said. “(OPG) understands that these findings are not acceptable.”

Ontario auditor general Bonnie Lysyk’s first annual report Tuesday revealed a number of areas where citizens are not getting value for their hard-earned dollars. Health cards and driver’s licences issued to dead people. Four-year waits for autism treatment. Fifteen thousand women turned away from emergency shelters. A supposedly money-saving Ontario Northland sell-off that could cost taxpayers $820 million — or even more .

An audit of OPG compensation offered one shock after another. “Generous, very generous” is how the understated Lysyk described it, adding all of the costs will be passed on to ratepayers who face a 42% jump in hydro bills over the next five years. Read article

13 thoughts on “Three OPG execs fired in wake of auditor general report

  1. No worries! Kathleen Wynne, arms open to show her trustworthiness, is very concerned about the culture of OPG. She will save us!

  2. The Auditor General can issue reports but dosen’t have the authority to indict anyone where as a grand jury can do the same kind of a investigation and issue indictments as well.
    PCs need to add the grand jury system to their party platform before the next election but won’t do so unless people demand this to be done.
    The grand jury system has 1,000 + years in English law and pre-dates the Magna Carta of 1215.
    No grand juries wanted in Ontario to check corruption?

  3. People should be a little more cynical and get some details about the execs who were fired.

    Was it really deserved? (I don’t know.)

    Was it a setup?

    Were they inconvenient.

    Just a few things to think about.

  4. People need to think about ways to stop corruption in Ontario including the issuance of government contracts. Somtheing that has the force of law to accomplish this.

  5. While she was investigating why didn’t the Auditor General look into affairs at OPG Ventures as well?

  6. Since citizen grand juries have been used for such very long time under English Law to root out corruption then why dosen’t Ontario have this provision in the law? It’s nothing new.
    Were they afraid to have citizen grand juries in Ontario?
    Would the NDP and Liberal parties be willing to re-enact/enact having grand juries in Ontario?
    Federal law can also incorporate grand juries to be used on the federal level as well.

  7. It’s sad that we have corrupt execs at OPG. I’m inclined to think there is a culture of corruption there that never got cured after Eleanor Clitherowe was fired. And to think she then went on to become a lady of the cloth.

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