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tor_652011Wellington Times
Ostrander wind developer to argue that gates can protect Blanding’s turtles
The developer seeking to construct nine 50-storey industrial wind turbines at Ostrander Point is now proposing to erect a series of gates on provincially owned crown land—in a last ditch maneuver to persuade a provincial court to overturn an Environmental Review Tribunal decision that took away the developer’s permit to build the project in a landmark ruling issued earlier this year.

In July, after more than 40 days of hearings, the Tribunal revoked a Ministry of Environment approval of the project in which Gilead Power Corporation proposed to develop a nine-turbine wind project on Crown land on the shores of South Marysburgh. The twomember panel ruled that the project would cause serious and irreversible harm to the Blanding’s turtles that reside in this rare alvar habitat at Ostrander Point. The Tribunal concluded, too, that measures proposed by the developer to lessen the impact of the development on the turtles were untested and unlikely to be effective. Given that the Blanding’s turtle is an endangered species, they decided the potential harm was too great, and once inflicted could not be undone.

It was a precedent-setting decision— not since the provincial government had enacted legislation to reduce the administrative and regulatory hurdles for wind and solar energy developers had an environmental review tribunal revoked an approval permit. Conservation groups and environmentalists rejoiced— as did everyone else opposed to Ontario’s natural heritage being spoiled by 500-foot towers of carbon and steel structures.

The developer appealed the Tribunal decision, along with the Ministry of Environment, seeking to uphold the approval of the project. Read article

14 thoughts on “Turtle gates

  1. Won’t we be surprised to find out whose brother-in-law in Liberal cabinet has the patent rights on turtlegates ?

  2. Parks Canada does not allow any construction in Blanding’s turtles habitat areas.
    It’s the habitat destruction and fragementation along with the road construction that does the damage.
    May be dealing with incompetent Natural Resources employees when they think they know more than Parks Canada does about this issue.

  3. according to the MNRs own site on this turtle

    “It is not unusual, to find them
    hundreds of metres from the nearest water body,
    especially while they are searching for a mate or
    traveling to a nesting site.”

    “The most significant threats to the Blanding’s Turtle
    are loss or fragmenting of habitat, motor vehicles”

    “Blanding’s Turtles are slow breeders – they don’t start
    to lay eggs until they are in their teens or twenties –
    so adult deaths of breeding age adults can have
    major impacts on the species.”

    perhaps the ministries might practice what they preech and send those wind arses that have only greed in mind packing!

    gates really?!
    honestly it gets more desperate and stupid every day!

    • Your tax dollars at work through your own Ministry of Natural Resources.

      “Turtle Gates”…… Are you kidding me?

      • Long Point Causeway have recently constructed “ecopasses”, tunnels under the road to let the turtles cross safely…three of them costing $90,000, taxpayer money. And, Norfolk County has approved funding for three more!! Can you believe it?
        There is a hidden agenda to this madness. The ultimate goal is to reconstruct the causeway, incorporating bike and walking paths which will not only help attract tourism but will also impact negatively and change the natural environment of a UNESCO designated World Class Biosphere. But shhhhhhhhh. I won’t tell if you won’t.
        To go back one step further, studies supporting these ecopasses were nothing but garbage. Numbers are incorrect in regards to road kill.
        I’m seeing some mighty big law suits coming down the pike alright.
        Get ready Ontario, bend over or buck up.

  4. The Guardian, Dec.9, 2013
    Nobel prize winner declares boycott of top science journals”
    “In extreme cases, the lure of the luxury journal can encourage the cutting of corners, and contribute to the escalating numbers of papers that are retracted.”

    There is increasing evidence that published science papers are not “accurate” to put it politely.
    So how much of the so called science presented at ERTs is even worthy of consideration? Putting up gates?

  5. GILEAD are no more than another example of all the wind crooks we all know so well.
    It’s the Ministry of the Environment supporting them, and with our tax dollars, which should be of greater concern. As citizens and voters it is us who continue to accept this government that dictates what their Ministries should do.
    We have a far bigger problem than just a bunch of well heeled crooks, be they foreign, local, or even our own neighbourhood host landowners. These types will always move on and figure out a way to screw some one else, somewhere else.
    A crooked government with it’s crooked bureaucracies is no one’s fault but our own.
    Andrew Watts

  6. You are absolutely right Andrew. When are the people of Ontario going to wise up and get off their keesters and do something about this? This green energy scam is directly affecting each and every one of us. We have yet to see the brunt of the storm. What ever it is Ontario that stops you from helping yourselves; whether it be a sense of entitlement, a lack of compassion for every living species on earth, or just plain ignorance, GET OVER IT. We are going down and we will hit bottom, hard unless we do something about it NOW. It will be no ones fault but our own.

    I bet the Bald Eagles wish they were a Blandings Turtle! I wish I were.

  7. Long Point is an example of dubious science being employed. Natural resources employs incompetent staff and/or they are being over-ruled by higher-ups in the Ministry.
    Once the IWTs are sited along the lakeshores then these companies are going to demand kill permits.
    No way these IWT companies sould be allowed to monitor the bird kills as this is just plain selfserving.

  8. Dear fellow taxpayers, regrettably I must share the following anecdotes, either heard said, or witnessed directly by yours’ truly.

    1. MNR rented cabins for MNR employees this summer in the cottage community of Long Point. Lots of MNR pick-up trucks, private vehicles, boats, and canoes.

    2. MNR employees told one neighbour that the cabins were rented for “eight thousand dollars” and the MNR employees were doing work “near Nanticoke” which is half hour’s drive away.

    3. Around 7 pm one evening, MNR employees (men) seen taking fishing poles out of the boat which was attached to an MNR pickup truck. Fishing on the job??

    4. One Thursday, at lunchtime, two MNR employees (men) sitting on picnic table out front of cabin SMOKING MARIJUANA! Could smell it from the roadside.

    I swear.

  9. Secede, Secede Secede! Ontario can no longer keep going the way it is. If all MPP’s tell the legislature that they are receiving hundreds of letters demanding that we secede from Ontario this will make a huge impact. Let Ford run Toronto and the rest of us be independent. The savings alone from riding ourselves of our Ontario government will help us climb back to financial stability. I suggest we call our new province Rural. Come on…let’s do this!


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