NextEra’s bird expert talks about ‘harvesting’ eagles

dead golden eagleFrom the NextEra Adelaide Wind Project ERT Hearing
Dr. Kerlinger, 2013/10/31 – cross-examination

Ms. Wrightman (Appellant) – Ok, I’m just going to skip to Para.36 on pg.10. And you speak here of other types of birds, American woodcock, the 30,000 birds that are allowed to be harvested, and you use the word harvest. How many eagles do you think it’s – that a wind turbine should be allowed to harvest legally in Ontario?

Dr. Kerlinger (NextEra Expert Witness)– To determine that number we would probably have to – if you look at page – same paragraphs 34 through 39. We would need to do population viability analyses. Right now the numbers aren’t even on the charts, they’re so small. That’s one of the reasons I brought this woodcock example. For certain species you can harvest 10% without having an adverse impact on the population. For eagles, it’s a smaller percentage probably that we’re not even punching through one/tenth of 0ne percent yet so we’ve got a long way to go in terms of eagle fatalities. I would recommend that would be a great study based on what Zimmerman’s already found. I would recommend to Environment Canada and CWS (Canadian Wildlife Service) to use population viability analysis or something like it to model and find out in the future how many can be harvested, especially with an increase in population before you would end up curtailing that increase or flattening the curve or making a decline in the population. You can do these models and project out to one or two hundred years. That’s how we can allow hunting for species like rails which are much less numerous as well as grouse, prairie grouse, etc. These type of models are very, very good for that.

Ms. Wrightman – So, if the wind turbine company is allowed to harvest bald eagles, do you believe that people should be able to harvest bald eagles?

Mr. Vanderbent (ERT Chair) – I’m not sure what the relevance of that question is to the matters before us.

Ms. Wrightman – Well he’s talking about harvesting. So, we’re harvesting bald eagles now, right?

Mr. Vanderbent (ERT Chair) – I don’t think that’s what he’s said in paragraph 36. I just don’t see how it assists us in, um, the decision we have to make.

Ms. Wrightman – Well we are talking about people going out and harvesting woodcocks and stuff like that; so, to me I’m just putting it on par here. Nextera is a “corporate person”, right, and I’m a person; so, can I go out and…

Mr. Vanderbent (ERT Chair) – Our job is to deal with the issue that’s before us. From his testimony you have asked the question about turbines harvesting, which is another way of saying there’s no distinction between harvesting and wind turbine kill. And when you have asked the question you got the response.

Ms. Wrightman – Right, one’s legal and one’s not.

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  1. Harvest….sounds so much nicer than slaughter, hack, maim, torture, decimate, massacre, knock off, annihilate,, exterminate, eradicate, or carnage, I suppose. Problem is, like most of the windweasel spin….it’s just not accurate!

  2. I will say one thing from the beginning — the wind industry has bought themselves some really great PR people. We don’t kill eagles/birds… we harvest or have a “take permit”, yeah right take their life. Then these aren’t industrial machines (wind turbines) these are ah… think of it the small dutch or 1930’s American “windmill”. Then these aren’t Wind Projects/Complexes… no, no… these are “wind farms” How sweet, or wait “Wind Parks” ha,,, how tranquil.. The public and governments of the world have been sold a ‘bill of goods’… by really good salespeople. Though I will admit some people will believe anything if you say it’s “green”.

  3. So Dr. Kerlinger is actually admitting there is no scientific basis that determines what is a suitable “harvest” of birds in the project site, but it is still o.k. to go forward and continue erecting the turbines. The disconnect is mind boggling!!

  4. I have emailed the provincial government on this and I would suggest everyone else do the same thing!! the more calls and emails etc. we make they can’t ignore us all!! people wanting to harvest eagles eggs!!! I don’t know what kind of air that they are breathing!!!!!!!!!

  5. “Harvest” seems an odd term to use. It’s like “cull”, except harvesting implies the carcasses end up as food, while culling is intended to reduce a population that’s growing too quickly. I believe the term the wind industry should use is “sacrifice”. Or maybe “collateral murder” as in where an army kills innocent civillians.

  6. The eagle population is so small that they can’t even tell what would be an acceptable # to lose. Sickening that Nextera was allowed to destroy eagle habitat. What is the point of the Ministry of Natural Resources, or the ERT for that matter?

    • Looking at the recent track record of the Ministry of Natural Resources’ behaviour/ decisions, indicates it has lost its usefulness, and forgotten or set aside its raison d’etre. What a complete disappointment Ontario has become!

  7. As when we harvest our crops for food to enjoy and to keep us healthy, “Harvest” suggests to me that there is a pleasant, planned beneficial result (for whom in this case??)

      • This will only benefit the Wind Turbine Company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they are heartless – I watched them take DOWN an ACTIVE Eagles’ Nest in Selkirk!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lets make NO mistakes harvesting is KILLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like I said before Heartless and corrupt people!! they have NO moral compass

  8. Oh for sure smarmy nest terror company have no morals at all!

    Hi smarmy next terror eyes! getting a good read of how your reputation is tanking??
    what a shame!

    Too bad you don’t have eyes on ALLLLLL the other sites about you, gosh there’s just too many to count!

  9. This is one good reason transcripts are needed. The public needs to know what goes on at an ERT. This has to be proven to the public.

  10. Does anyone know that you can prosecute these so called authorities for allowing all this to happen?
    Does anyone care to bring these whores of Babylon to our own common law court with out there legalese?
    We can surely put this away as we will be the witness as referred to like the witness program in a LAWFUL jurisdiction.
    Would that be fun seeing these parasites having a criminal record and would not be able to be bonded.
    Of course many of you would think this would be impossible as all our heads think in there legalese fraud system.
    What a relief for these parasites knowing full well that we are just sheepies trapped in our own little box.
    I’m sure they are just laughing at us as knowing very well that this system is there playing ground and legalese trumps for them and we have to beg and plea in this system to stop hurting us.
    We are not brave enough to stand in Lawful truth but we continually step in there pig crap legal jurisdiction.

    • I am passing your email on to the people in Selkirk that are fighting the BIG fight!!!!! hopefully we can do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Lyn

      • I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.
        The only way this is going to stop is when people slow/ harass (but not harm..) the people building the turbines.

        I heard that cement is being poured soon in some construction areas. Maybe those can be slowed down. Trucks have to keep “spinning” right?

      • They have been trying out there – even the natives are helping – but as always we need more people!! – I truly thank you for your for your emails – lets keep in touch – my email is below!!! – I would really like to do something big!! – god you should see all of the turbines out in Bimbrook!! – there all over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is scary!!! Lyn

      • Sorry Richard but you truly need to know who you truly are. Try educating your self threw Kates writings as this shit is scaring the pants of authorities.
        Police are even looking as us as untouchables once you know this knowledge.this goes for Native status.
        once you know this you can stand in front of these trucks but with the most confidence in the world.
        Very simple but a knowledge that will shock you but true and tested

  11. Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Oct.22,2013
    Bill 120 Grand Juries Act, 2013
    Current Status: First Reading Carried

    This Bill needs to be read by the public and discussed to make sure it is strong enough to deal with Ontario corruption.
    Citizen grand juries are one of the most important means of rooting out government corruption.
    Citizen grand juries have the authority to investigate and call witnesses. Then if the grand jury issues an indictment then case goes to court for final
    Grand juries never should have eliminated in Ontario as people can get away with whatever they want to get away with.
    The old grand juries had 23 members and Bill 120 calls for 7 jurors. Enough jurors?
    People want to complain about the legal system but they don’t want to change things for the better?

  12. Maybe the cold will help. Expected to remain cold through the end of the month.

    The Bulletin, Central Oregon, dec.11,2013
    Scrool down to the photo of the fuel filter from a scool bus which shows how the low temperatures caused the biodiesel to separate and clo several of the bus filters.
    People dont’ believe what happens to biofuels in low temperatures. Only photos will make them understand.
    t biofuels tested before selling them to the public as worthy “green” products?

  13. Citizen grand juries would be able to go back into renewable energy contracts to investigate if there is a hint of fraudand/or corruption involved. These are government contracts.
    Randy Hiller is on the right track but needs public support.

    • Yep rely on someone else do what we can do. look at Iceland and the people.
      But again we must be get someone else as our heros. We cannot do ourselves,right?

  14. The U.S. is the only country that still uses the citizen grand jury system,
    It was dropped in Canada. Can anyone guess why? Because it is the only way that the citizens have to root out coruption.
    The citizen grand jury system need to be restored in Ontario so that the citizens can root out corruption.
    The jury is selected from jury rolls at random.
    Supporting the restoration of the citizen grand juries is doing something. And I would guess that the Liberals and NDP will oppose this restoration with all the might they can muster.

  15. This is why we must never allow our governments to take our God given right to bear arms. Not only to harvest food and protect ourselves from harm, but to overthrow corrupt governments like the present lying Liberals.

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