Ontario to fund study on impact of wind turbines on birds

turbines-birdsToronto Sun
LONDON, Ont. ─ Western University scientists will use a wind tunnel to how turbines affect the health of migrating birds, their findings fodder for battlers over green energy in Southwestern Ontario and the rest of the province.

Biologist Christopher Guglielmo will head the project using a special wind tunnel for birds and funding is expected to be announced Friday by Health Minister Deb Matthews.

While the impact of turbines on birds will be a focal point in the region, Guglielmo will also use the tunnel to study the effect of other human creations on the flight patterns of birds, including the growth of cities and the proliferation of tall buildings. Read article

5 thoughts on “Ontario to fund study on impact of wind turbines on birds

  1. Why not 24 hr surveillance cameras,with a zoom lens,and infrared capabilities, to capture the accurate numbers of birds and bats being slaughtered? That would be a hell of a lot cheaper, more effective, and take less effort. This should have been done, since day 1. (but NOT by anyone related in any way, to the wind industry).

  2. This would be just as easy as you indicate. I always recommend a cameras should be watching
    the bald eagle nests near turbines ………an infrared would pick up all action day and night….
    …sorry to see they know we need to study the death toll at a turbine……but cant stop these
    wind killers from being placed so close to our migratory pathways.
    Time and time again they are placed in the wrong space and the natural consequences are devastating……………..look at this year’s monarch butterfly numbers in Mexico…..shame on us!

  3. What Ive seen is they sent a crew out in a Van early Sunday morning after the crop is off and have a few people and pick up the wind kill and no one sees or counts. My stupidity is I never put two and two together until they were gone should have picked up on this evidence Probably incinerated the evidence.

  4. What the heck does the minister of health have to do with funding a study about bird kills????? Shouldn’t she be worrying about all the poor PEOPLE being tortured in their homes near wind turbines????

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