Hydro barons mad with power

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TORONTO – Better get this column written before the power goes out and we retreat to our caves and candles. That’s where we’re headed, if the dimbulbs running Ontario’s electrical grid aren’t unplugged. Now, I think they’re even laughing at us.

When I watched Toronto Hydro’s new 12 Days of Christmas video on YouTube I assumed it was a Yuletide jest. It tells us to save energy by making ornaments from old incandescent bulbs and pine cones. It suggests we dine on such fare as “no bake” energy bars, “no cook” cheeseballs or chocolate coconut balls, “low cook” cheese dip and “no cook, low cook” fudge.” Excellent plan. We’ll keep our electrical bill down by eating nothing but raw food. I look forward to the “no cook” chicken. Perhaps it will be easier to digest in the dark.

Here’s my version of 12 Days, which was composed — by torchlight, presumably — some 300 years ago in deepest, darkest England. Altogether, now, folks, sing along…

On the 12th day of Christmas, the dimbulbs gave to us…
12 idled windmills,
11 workers snoozing
10 summer brownouts

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10 thoughts on “Hydro barons mad with power

  1. OPG and Hydro One are dedicated to enriching their employees, managers and political masters.

    • Without OPG the electricity portion of your hydro bill would be double what it is now.They averaged 5.6 c/kwh for the first 6mths of 2013. Private power averaged 10.1c/kwh -Bruce Nuclear that is private gets around 6c/kwh so if the average is 10.1 goodness knows what the others get. OPG is the only generator that has to apply to the OEB for a rate raise they have not had a raise since 2008 their last raise application ended up that they got a reduction.

      • Do not ignore underfunded pension liabilities, debt servicing expenses and nuclear decommissioning costs when defending OPG and Hydro One.

  2. Hey Ontario – Chiarelli’s new name – do you approve?
    I do………….pass it on!

    ‘[excerpt] hydro rates that could go up 42% in the next five years — something Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli tried to pass off as no more than the cost of a Tim Hortons coffee.

    “Bastard,” Shurman said. “Insulting.”

    [excerpt] How much Ontario taxpayer money has vanished into thin air?

    Or should that be looted?

    “We actually don’t know for sure,” said Peter Shurman, who had been, up until recently, Ontario’s Progressive Conservative finance critic. “I think it could easily be $5 billion. It could easily be 10.”

    A billion here, a billion there.’

  3. These are the reasons why the grand jury system needs to be re-stored in Ontario. It’s the legal remedy for corruption.
    Support Randy Hiller on this issue.

  4. “We’ll keep our electrical bill down…….” hahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    experience shows if we consume less hydro, they just raise the rates and add on fees to make up any shortfall

  5. Well HELLO! Ontario is coming alive!!! Hitting the pocket book will do it! If you were waiting for the Premiere or Minister of Energy to blow this fiasco out of the water, it will be a cold day in hell. Actually that’s not funny. With hydro rates going up it’s going to be that cold day sooner than later.
    Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals trumped up this scam! Federal Liberal Party President Mike Crawley is Original CEO of Aim Powergen-first turbine development on Lake Erie in 2008. He banked the millions of dollars in subsidies, OUR TAX DOLLARS.
    Full disclosure of this renewable “green energy” scam is HUGE. That gas plant relocation…is peanuts in comparison.

  6. The government will cave. David’s army (rural Ontario) has grown and will continue to unless the government changes it’s ways. I’m sure a $ bonus will we dished out to appease the paupers.
    The most important issue of this scam is not about the money. It is about HEALTH ISSES associated with exposure to harmful low frequencies, infrasound. This is currently a very controversial issue with the government, as was the harmful effects of tobacco as far back as the 1960’s. The last thing the government wants disclosure of is the harmful health effects, causing death, YES. Think about it, how many people do you know who are sick with some sort of cancer or rare illness? This is not normal, right or acceptable.
    Our Freedom of Rights went straight down the toilet.

  7. Something else for you to think about:
    The exposure to low frequencies is dangerous. The sensitivity to low frequencies is cumulative. It builds up over a period of time. Serious health issues and death are a result of exposure. Heart disease, diabetes, cancers, dementia are the serious ones.
    To remove yourself permanently from the toxic environment of low frequencies will restore your health to some degree. However, tissue and bone damage can be permanent and serious.
    Our CHILDREN are being harmed by the already commissioned industrial wind turbines in southern Ontario.
    This is not “in our heads”! It is real. Do we tell people who are motion sick, sea sick, car sick, that it is in their head?! There is peered reviewed research supporting the harmful effects of exposure to low frequencies. Look up Vibroacoustic Disease-caused by low frequencies. 20% of the population will experience the negative effects.
    Wind mills have been around for decades, no problem!
    Industrial wind turbines are huge machines, being built too close to peoples’ homes. This is a GLOBAL issue.

  8. I am having a new sign made for the end of my rural farm laneway. it will be cut in the shape of a huge cannon made out of a 4X8 sheet of plywood. It will point at the proposed industrial wind project that abuts our farm. The words on it will be simple and powerful.


    I hope that this will become a popular message and be repeated across Ontario.

    The government should be aware that we rural Ontarians WILL take back our province! Enough is enough. Please be willing to tell reporters that we are even willing to secede from Ontario should this invasion of our province continue.

    During WW2 Winston Churchhill made a statement when Britain was under assault by the BLITZKRIEG that has never been forgotten :
    ” We will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them in the seas, we will fight them from the air and on land but we will never ever surrender!”

    I suggest those cannons are painted black with bold white lettering so they are uniform across rural Ontario.

    Thanks, Mel

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