Multi-million dollar Buddhist retreats could be in jeopardy in wake of wind turbine approval

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(BETHANY) The Province’s approval of a wind energy farm near Bethany has “shocked and disappointed” the Buddhist Association of Canada, and potentially derail the multi-million dollar Cham Shan Temple planned for the area. Diane Chen, property development and special projects manager for the temple, spoke with This Week on Friday (Dec. 13), a day after the Province announced it has approved the controversial Sumac Ridge wind farm, with five turbines.

“We were shocked and disappointed,” she said. “No one notified us about this.” Ms Chen said the Buddhist retreat currently under construction on Ski Hill Road near Bethany is a $40 million project. “That’s a lot of money.” She said that on Nov. 4 the Buddhists, local MPP Laurie Scott and Ward 16 Councillor Heather Stauble met with the minister of energy and officials from both the ministries of the Environment and Rural Affairs on with a positive outcome. Ms Chen said there was a promise to look into the situation.

The Cham Shan Temple includes the centre piece and three retreat centres that has been planned for 20 years, Ms Chen explained. It will be built using “ancient techniques” and is a bridge between Canada and China. The four sites will mimic the four great Buddhist temples of China. The Buddhist Association of Canada has been purchasing properties in the Pontypool and Bethany areas over the years with that goal in mind. Read article

7 thoughts on “Multi-million dollar Buddhist retreats could be in jeopardy in wake of wind turbine approval

  1. More proof that if you are not in Toronto, you don’t count. Sneaky is right, this government is sick.

  2. One of the many sad parts of this…is that people believed what they were told by the government. Anything that comes out of the mouth of any of member of the current government (especially the Energy Minister) must be tagged as a lie until actions prove otherwise.

    I personally don’t believe anything was sneaky…on November 4th, they just told them what they wanted to hear and sent them on their way. There would never be any repercussions, so they just told them something to end the meeting.

  3. Ms. Chen said that she is surprised that they told her that they would communicate with her about the matter, and then, they did not. It is obvious that the poor woman has never had to deal with our provincial government, or the wind weasels, before. This is the standard treatment. They are not being singled out. All of rural Ontario, is under attack!

  4. Nothing trumps greed energy!!
    religion, humans, nature, environment, health…………………………………………………………………….just $$$$$$$$$

    • Good luck getting their money back selling the land. Now that people know turbines are coming. They would be better off just waiting for a few years. It is quite likely that turbines will not be constructed. This is all going to end soon. The only question is how soon.
      It will be a much longer battle removing existing turbines, but I expect that will happen eventually. Once one project is stopped, either by nuisance or health arguments, it is just a matter of time.
      This would be quite entertaining, if we were not paying for it with both our money and our health.

  5. TheRecord is my local paper (Kitchener Waterloo). It is owned by the Toronto Star.

    Here are my two comments posted. I encourage others to post as well. Tell them what it sounds like where you are. No, it is not possible to meditate with this noise…

    These are enormous Industrial machines, and yes, they add a lot of noise to the environment. I record sound (music and nature sounds) as a hobby, so naturally I went out and recorded these. I’ve put up some recordings at my website, if anyone would like to listen. There have been numerous complaints about noise, and all have been ignored by the Ministry of the Environment. If you dig into this you will find that it is all about the money.

    Wind turbines are a scam, promoted by our corrupt Liberal government and their friends in the Wind industry. Wind is NOT a useful energy source: it is variable, and blows at the wrong time. It requires continuous backup (Gas plants). In decades of experience, Europe has not shown *any* reduction in GHG (green house gasses). Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and many others have spoken out. Here is a damning paper from a respected Physics journal: Wind turbines as yet unsuitable as electricity providers C. le Pair, F. Udo and K. de Groot Europhysics News, Vol. 43, No. 2, 2012, pp. 22-25

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