Agency to benefit if wind company wins lawsuit

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Wind activist Esther Wrightman says she’s surprised United Way Canada is willing to take the money wind giant NextEra Energy is seeking in its lawsuit against her. A statement of claim filed by the Florida-based company suing Wrightman over altered NextEra logos that were posted online says any damages would be donated to United Way Canada.

Wrightman said her father wrote to that organization after a United Way official spoke at a meeting of her local municipal council about how it helps the poor in rural communities. “I think I’m kind of in that target area,” said the Strathroy-area married mother of two, whose family’s modest income comes from her husband’s disability supports, and her job at her parents’ nursery business. “If they want to get anything from me, there’s nothing,” she said. “I don’t know if the United Way understands that.”

A reply from Sylvain Beaudry, a vice-president with United Way Centraide Canada, says the organization wasn’t aware of the lawsuit, but “will accept the award for damages that may result.” Read article

9 thoughts on “Agency to benefit if wind company wins lawsuit

  1. I’ll bet she lied about the suit… UW’s corporate relationships are not trustworthy (e.g., companies that strong arm their suppliers for donations, no donations nor orders). Maybe 20% of what UW collects goes to charities: this is unconscionable. They have invented work for themselves that keeps on giving… to themselves.

  2. Well I have given the last red cent that the United Way will ever see from me. That organization should be more particular about where the corporate donations come from. Firstly NextTera can claim their largesse as a tax deduction. So no big, generous deal from them. Secondly, the United Way is supposed to support the people in need, not trounce on them when they are down.
    I think we should just call it the Divided Way. Next will come the acceptance of money from Drug Lords!!! There is no discrimination of the colour of money on the part of the United Way.

  3. For the most part charity’s are just a big scam. Most of the money goes to administration. how fitting that a charity gets in bed with a turbine company

  4. Absolute fraud
    There would not be a law suit if Esther would not claim joiner to the legal name which is claiming a copyright name belonging to the corporation of Canada.
    Absolute truth in that
    Loose that name and no game. Loose that fear and put it in gear.
    Otherwise keep playing there fraud game and loose,although Esther has not much but her corporate name does and they will eat that up
    Does she want that help it is up to her.So far no response but that is her free will.

  5. Why is it that Canadian Tire does not sue us all for calling them ” Crappy Tire”.

    This is parody. This is natural and lawful. We called Barbara Walters Bawba Waba and she did not sue anyone! Next Terror took down an Eagle nest ! It sure as hell terrorized the mating pair of Eagles didn’t it! Let’s make a list of all the parody of names we can think of to help Esther’s defence in court. At least that is a positive thing to do for now.


    • If Barbara Walters really wanted to get at the instigator of the whole thing, she would have pursued Gilda Radner for the numerous times she called her Babba Wawwa while playing the part of Rosanne Rosanadana on SNL. Gilda started a trend that’s hung on long after her untimely death. Are there ANY of us, on this side of the IWT issue, that haven’t followed Esther’s lead and used the name NextTERROR when referring to this foreign band of pirates? Esther may have been the originator but we’ve all gladly “adopted” the name and will continue to use it regardless of this company’s threats because it’s an apt description of a company prepared to terrorize both man and animal all over rural Ontario. Their choice to “make an example” of Esther is simply “throwing more fuel on the fire”. Now NextTERROR has succeeded in helping to throw another company’s (UW) reputation “under the bus” (not that United Way Canada hasn’t clearly “done it to themselves”). Keep going NextTERROR! Just watching to see what you’ll “screw up” next!! BULLIES!!

  6. Never, never ever one penny in donations to the United Way. Never, never, NEVER EVER voting for the Liberals……and the list of “never ever” keeps growing.

    • Screw voting!
      Are you not a man? Do you need a babysitter that just does what they want and party with your energy$? Thats why they call themselves party.
      I do my own party. Grown up and responsible. Do no harm to others
      Look what they allow.

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