Gilead, MOE & CanWEA desperate to kill/harm/harass PECFN’s Ostrander Pt win

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Rick Conroy, editor of The Times, had lots to say this past week about the bizarre situation of Prince Edward Field Naturalists’ having to fight the combined forces of Gilead Power Corporation, the Ministry of the Environment and now the Canadian Wind Energy Association, in order to protect its win on the Ostrander Point project.  To describe PECFN as the underdog would be one of the great understatements of the year.

Gilead and its buddies MOE and CanWEA are making a desperate attempt to salvage the Ostrander Point project via an appeal to the Divisional Court which:

  1. Argues that the ERT exceeded its jurisdiction in second-guessing MNR’s approval to kill/harm/harass Blanding’s turtle;
  2. Attempts to introduce new evidence (normally not allowed in an appeal) — namely, to install a series of lockable gates to reduce road mortality;
  3. Introduces Big Brother CanWEA as an intervenor to help run up PECFN’s legal bills even further. Read article

6 thoughts on “Gilead, MOE & CanWEA desperate to kill/harm/harass PECFN’s Ostrander Pt win

  1. The OP permit never should have been issued to begin with.
    How could the MNR have been so incompetent as not have known about the protection measures that Parks Canada uses to protect Blanding’s turtles?
    Dig huge holes. Put in roads that destroy and fragment the habitat and then think the problem can be solved by installing gates? This is not even common sense!

  2. Don’t expect common sense, let alone inter-species sensitivity and empathy, from these psychopathic corporations.

  3. Amherst Island Information.
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