Rankin Construction & Niagara Region seperate on wind project

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Once called a “legacy project” for Niagara, the Region’s foray into wind farms with Rankin Construction is being nixed after nearly a decade of setbacks. Niagara Region and Rankin Construction are dissolving their Wind Energy Niagara Corp., which they created in 2006 after talks dating back to 2001.

The $23-million joint venture was supposed to see a five-turbine wind farm in Wainfleet generate up to 10 megawatts of electricity, or enough to power about 3,500 homes. The partnership would receive 11 cents per kilowatt-hour from the province as part of its green energy program. But obtaining a long-term power contract to produce a renewable source of electricity proved elusive. “We were ahead of our time,” said Rankin CEO Tom Rankin, explaining the hurdles the partners had to try to overcome. Read article

3 thoughts on “Rankin Construction & Niagara Region seperate on wind project

  1. Mr. Rankin,
    I’m happy to hear $500,000 was the extent of your loss conidering there are people in this province who have lost their homes, their health and for some, their lives. Yes Tom, they are dead, as should any thoughts you have on future development of industrial wind turbines.

  2. Too little too late. I am hoping Rankin loses more money on the five turbines he has erected in the Caistor Center area……. in the middle of a tribunal the results of which could go against him.
    I do believe in the long run that Rankin will get what he deserves. As he loves money and loves to tell how much he makes…..a loss of cash would be a just reward,

  3. The WEN ‘deal’ between Rankin and Niagara Region goes back a number of years and was carried out, and approved, without a single request for any public input. Just Regional staff dealing with a guy they had been dealing with for year and once agreed it was sent to the Regional Council of the time and ‘rubber stamped’. Who was going to say ‘No’ to Rankin?

    When it was approved Rankin supposedly agreed to match the Region’s contribution of $4m of our tax dollars, making $8m total. The ‘start up’ fees were expected to be $1m making the grand total no more than $9m. As far as I am aware the Region agreed to pay for the majority of this ‘start up’.

    The WEN Board had no elected Regional Councilor on it, just three senior Regional staff.

    I have no clue where this $23m figure came from, nor where Rankin ‘lost’ $500,000.

    As it was a contract which involved our own money, as the Region’s taxpayers and only source of revenue, I think we should look forward to the Region releasing all the figures and records for this ‘joint venture’ they have now cancelled, specifically with audited losses by both the Region(us!)and Rankin.

    An interesting note with regard to Rankin’s claimed reasons for this ‘legacy project’!!!!

    Rankin submitted a first application to have this WEN project approved, which was for 5 IWTs to be erected in Wainfleet. Before it was approved Smitherman and McGuinty’s Wind scam came into being and the cost per unit to the wind energy company was substantially increased.
    Rankin then withdrew his first application then re applied under the new and higher price.
    By the time it came up for approval this second time round there was no longer the capacity available for access to the grid and the project was rejected.

    It would be interesting to get some input as to the legality of the entire process? I understood that at the very least any sizeable public/private contract was required to involve public meetings and public input?
    Additionally as the project for which this deal was done was rejected and never happened I would like to know what contract terms allowed this WEN contract just to remain active for so many years?

    The WEN contract has absolutely no connection with Rankin’s current Wainfleet Wind Energy wind project or the HAF project in West Lincoln.
    If there any were such financial connection I think the Regional Council could definitely be seen as in a Conflict of Interest situation, particularly those Regional Councilors sitting today who are on record as voting for this contract on that previous Regional Council?

    Andrew Watts

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