Rule #1 for Wind Company Reps: Remember, you are not personally involved

avoid-responsibility“I’m not personally involved in that issue”. I’ve heard this twice from NextEra. Once I asked rep Josie Hernandez about the homes they have bought out near wind turbines. She claimed they hadn’t bought any out. Surprised at this bold statement I asked, “Dekalb?“. And her reply was, “I was not personally involved in that one.” As if I was askign if she had personally bought out a person affected by wind turbines, not NextEra.

And here again at the Adelaide ERT, NextEra’s Ben Greenhouse tries the same excuse. It’s best for them to not be ‘personally involved’ in anything, that way they can excuse themselves from all harm done. A nice clear conscience? I don’t think so.

The second part of the questioning is even more sad. Since when does “24 hour response” save a person from suicide? But hey, that’s, “standard and sufficient” enough in NextEra’s eyes.

NextEra Adelaide Wind Project ERT:  2013/10/23

Ms. Wrightman – Paragraph 33.

Mr. Greenhouse – Yes.

Ms. Wrightman – Second sentence. “Accordingly Nextera will continue to maintain avenues of communication with members of the public through all phases of the project.” Does that include lawsuits against individuals in the community?

Mr. Greenhouse – I’m not clear what your question is.

Ms. Wrightman – My communication with Nextera includes lawsuits with Nextera against me.

Mr. Greenhouse – I understand

Ms. Wrightman – Is that communication?

Mr. Greenhouse – I, um, so yes there is a lawsuit from Nextera against you, I understand. That’s not something typically done in our projects, that’s certain. I have – I am not personally involved in that. I don’t know what more I can say.

Ms. Wrightman – You were very personally involved. You left messages on my phone. [The Statement of Claim states he tried to contact 5 times]

Mr. Greenhouse– Yes , that – I was involved in trying to contact you before it was filed.

Ms. Wrightman – It’s the first time I ever got a call from Nextera.

Paragraph 34, on complaint resolution.

Mr. Greenhouse– Yes.

Ms. Wrightman– “Should any complaints arise a Nextera representative will contact the complainant within 24 hours to understand and seek a resolution to the issue raised.”

So, I’d like a clarification on this process. If a person is suffering from constant noise every night, they’re getting vertigo, nausea, sleeplessness, night after night after night and they hit a point where mentally they’re frayed and if those turbines don’t turn off, it’s going to be serious and irreversible harm as in suicide. 24 hours of responding back to that person, do you think that will save them or do you have another way that this person can seek some sort of help from your company?

Mr. Greenhouse – So I think, you know that – I don’t know whether I want to talk about the scenario, I don’t know how likely that is?

Ms. Wrightman – It’s very likely.

Mr. Greenhouse – But the obligation is to do it within 24 hours, certainly we’ll respond as quickly as we can. Our intent is not to take 24 hours.  But that’s the complaint resolution process that’s in place under the REA.

Ms. Wrightman– Do you think that would help that person out in that scenario?

Mr. Greenhouse – I’m not sure I’m really qualified to what would help a person in that scenario.

Ms. Wrightman– Then perhaps your complaint resolution is not taking into consideration members in the community who are being affected badly enough? You’re not looking at these instances in our community that are real?

John Terry (Torys for NextEra)– Is that a question or a statement?

Ms. Wrightman– No, it’s a question.

Mr. Greenhouse– I think if you look around any industry, 24 hour response, a response in 24 hours is standard and sufficient.

7 thoughts on “Rule #1 for Wind Company Reps: Remember, you are not personally involved

  1. Who are these people? Come to think of it, are they real people? Corporate zombies, maybe?

    Are these the people Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) and George Orwell (1984) warned us about? Now, no longer the scary, soulless, utterly immoral creatures of fiction — but here, alive, and functioning?

    Note to rural Ontario: Do you know the story of the frog in the boiling pot of water? Drop a frog — any frog — into boiling water and it leaps out. Drop a frog into a cool pot of water and slowly, ever so slowly, bring it to a boil — and the froggie sloowwwly boils itself to death.

    I grew up in Quebec. I don’t think Quebecois would tolerate the corporate/govt. abuse you people are accepting — as you allow yourselves to slowly boil to death. Jackasses like McGuinty and, now, Wynne, and the hilariously incompetent ministers they appoint — you Ontarians tolerate these people? And the wind thugs — you tolerate them? And horseshit like the ERT? US Dept. of Agriculture certified “horseshit” — that’s what these ERT hearings are.

    In academic year 1978-79, I was a Visiting Professor at Queen’s (Kingston). I swear Ontario was a different place, then. I used to take the ferry out to Wolfe. I would sit in my office and look dreamily out, across the lake, at that magical island. Now I live in Malone, NY, away over by Plattsburgh, NY. On a clear day, believe it or not, I can see the wind turbines pin-cushioning Wolfe Island. Crucified by these monstrous crucifixes to folly and avarice — to downright stupidity.

    Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

  2. I don’t know about the rest of you but after years of dealing with the wind industry, I’m getting very good at deciphering Weasel-talk. Such pathetic human beings.

  3. One thing I will not do, is sit by idly, and let the government, or their windweasel buddies, walk all over me, or my community. I fight this travesty, every single day, till it is over. Very early on in my battle, I read your article, on How to Fight the Big Wind Onslaught. It has been instrumental, in my ability to fight these people on their own terms, and not back down under any circumstances. They are not honest, fair, or considerate of our health and well being. They deserve no respect, and that is exactly what they get! Thanks to you Calvin, and your wonderful wife, I do not feel like a victim, but I do feel like a worthy opponent to the wind weasels, and their government enablers!

  4. Calvin,
    Yes, Ontario was a different place thirty + years ago.
    The grand jury system was abolished in Canada. So this removed the legal means of dealing with corruption here.
    Now people here don’t understand the legal protection they have lost.
    They have lost the legal protection that existed for more than a thousand years in English law.
    Now citizens have no way to fight corruption here as they don’t have the financial means to fight corruption through the court system here.
    As an historian, would you have time to add insight as to the significance of the grand jury in an historical sense?

    • Hi Barbara,

      Ah, you may have put your finger on why Ontario seems to have no realistic legal apparatus or tradition for tarring & feathering bums like McGuinty & Smitherman. I imagine this is just part of the reason Ontario, Canada, is the world’s #1 Eco-Fascist state.

      I followed closely Esther & Harvey Wrightman’s travail — the jaw-dropping abuse this remarkable family — these remarkable people — endured from the Environmental Review Tribunal in tandem with NextEra & MOE. My noticeable silence in the pages of for weeks was a personal mourning for the Wrightmans. I confess, it broke me. After 9.5 years of daily involvement in this nightmare, this horror show, this Grand Folly, the Wrightman case was the straw that broke my spirit.

      • Hello Admin,
        I don’t know anyway to put this politely.
        The ERT is bad enough. But the government and wind industry have been doing much worse to people, for years. I am sure you know that. This may have been the first time you have seen it written in this way.

        Have to be tough and if you keep helping we would all appreciate it greatly.

  5. There have been plenty of spirts broken around Ontario over this fiasco over the last few years.
    The grand jury system was abolished in Ontario long enough ago that people have forgotten what was taken from them. And in the intervening years they had no cause to use this system.
    With the grand jury system an individual can make a complaint to the jury without having a lawyer or paying any money to have their complaint heard.
    Any restored citizens grand jury should be at least as strong as the one that was abolished. The jury is selected from juror rolls at random and not by the government the same as other juries are selected.
    Every year a new jury is selected. Difficult to buy a jury this way.
    And done by county.

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